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Cute little boy lying with labrador dog on a sunny day

Ty adopted a rescue dog from a shelter for his son. Now the dog’s original owner, who lost him two years ago, contacted him to get their adopted rescue dog back

Ayla Brown: Good morning, everyone. I want to welcome Ty to the phone. Good morning. Ty, it sounds like you’re a bit tied up in this situation with a dog. You like what I did there? You like it? I do. Jim hates me already. That’s fine. I don’t care what Jim thinks. What’s going on with this cute little adopted dog that your family now owns?

Ty: We found a dog almost two years ago in a shelter. I was kind of hesitant at first because my son wanted a dog, and he kept begging daddy for a dog. So I said, let’s go to a shelter. And we can adopt a dog that’s in need. And also, I don’t have to spend as much money.

Ayla Brown: I love the honesty, but great, That’s awesome.

Ty: But we give the dog a home and we love him. He’s part of our family now. My son adores him. But then we got the strangest call about a week and a half ago. From the people. that originally owned the dog. Now, mind you, we’ve had this dog for two years now.

Ayla Brown: How old was the dog?

Ty: I think it was about seven maybe.

Ayla Brown: So you’ve had the dogs six or seven years old and you’ve had it for two years. And the previous owners who had him for about four years called you. What did they say?

Ty: Well, first of all, I’m mad at the shelter because they gave out my number. But they say a friend of theirs found an old flier from when the dog was missing and it showed the name of the shelter that had the dog. So they say they called that shelter. And the shelter told them where the dog was adopted. And now they’re talking taking the dog back.

Ayla Brown: O-M-G okay

Ty: It even gets better. I told them that this is our family dog. This is part of our family. My son loves him. They even suggested sharing custody of the dog.

Ayla Brown: I mean, don’t you understand how they might feel? Right? They lost their dog. It was brought to a shelter. Maybe there was no chip in the dog, so they couldn’t find the original owners. And then they’re wondering where their dog is. Someone has finally found it. And it’s with you and your family. The fact that they even want to share custody is kind of cool. I mean, because they could try and take the dog back 100%.

Ty: They live three hours away. How can we do joint custody? What are we going to do, sit in the parking lot at a police station and exchange the dog on weekends, like every other weekend? Come on. My son loves the dog. This situation is getting me so upset because I see my son crying when I tell him about it. I don’t know what to do at this point. I understand the other family, but at this point, what can I do?

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