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entrance to the male and female toilet. Sign in airport.

Faith took her son to a Bruins game over the weekend. But when he needed to use the bathroom, she didn’t trust him to use the men’s room by himself. So she took him into the ladies’ room to use the bathroom there. Do you think eleven is old enough to use the men’s room by yourself?

Jonathan: And today for the panic button, we have somebody who I feel like is pressing the button a lot. We have Faith.

Faith: Hey. Good morning. How are you?

Jonathan: Fantastic. Faith. So, what is your problem?

Faith: So, my 11 year old son, Johnny, everybody thinks I am overprotective of him. We had gone to a Bruins game this past weekend, and I brought him into the women’s bathroom.

Jonathan: Like to show him something?

Ayla: To show him the bathroom?

Faith: No, no, no. He said I have to go to the bathroom. And I just did not feel comfortable with him going into the men’s room. I mean, he’s 11, right? I want him to be safe. So I brought him in to the women’s bathroom. He and I went into the bathroom just so I knew that he was okay.

Jonathan: Oh, okay. So how big is he? I mean, you said he’s 11.

Faith: Johnny is probably about five foot four now.

Jonathan: That’s pretty tall.

Faith: Yeah. He’s almost my height. Yeah.

Jonathan: So he’s almost your height. And you’re taking him into the women’s restroom. And were do women going….. Whoa.

Ayla: What’s he doing in the woman’s room. They won’t understand why.

Jonathan: Really? Yeah, I think so.

Ayla: I’ve seen many women take their sons into the bathroom. And even when I was younger, my dad would have to take my sister and I into the men’s room, even if he had to go to the bathroom. Or we did, and we were the only ones with him.

Jonathan: He took you into the men’s room at 11?

Ayla: I don’t know how old we were. I would have to ask him. I don’t know what the cutoff age was for us, but I remember vividly having to be brought into the men’s restroom. I heard someone had to go to the bathroom.

Jonathan: It’s like going to the bathroom is a hobby of mine. And I have gone to many public bathrooms. I’ve never seen an 11 year old girl in a men’s room.

Faith: Well, but are you going to let them go in by themselves? First of all at the Bruins game and there are a lot of people. There’s a lot of alcohol. God forbid someone offer him something.

Ayla: In the bathroom. That would be hilarious.

Jonathan: If its a public bathroom and there’s more than one guy in there, if he sees some other guy hitting on an 11 year old boy, he’s gonna be like, hey, dude, what are you doing? Your kid is safe going into a bathroom.

Ayla: What she’s saying, if that’s what I’m understanding, Faith, is that you just don’t feel comfortable with his age going into the men’s bathroom by himself yet. So you bring him into the women’s every time. How long is this going to last? He’s 11 years old now. How long do you plan on doing this?

Faith: We live in a very scary, unsafe world. So, honestly, 15, 16 maybe.

Ayla: Okay.

Jonathan: No, faith. You’re kooky. What are your feelings on Cocoa Puffs real quick? .

Ayla: No, no, no, no.

Jonathan: You’re very legitimate.

Ayla: You said 15, 16? That’s crazy. I actually don’t know the proper age for this.

Faith: I. I mean, I read the news every day. I hear horrible stories. I do not feel safe. And everyone says they feel that I’m so overprotective.

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