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Country Mornings with Jonathan & Ayla

When Steve was younger, during COVID, he got a bit obsessed with an OnlyFans model who said that if he got her name tattooed on his body, she would give him a free lifetime subscription. Now, a few years later, she’s no longer on OnlyFans and he has a girlfriend who is curious about whose name is tattooed on him. But he doesn’t want to admit what he did. He now realizes how stupid it was to be obsessed with an OnlyFans model. But is it better to be honest or lie and say its the name of an ex-girlfriend?

Jonathan: Today on the button we’ve got Steve on Panic Button. Steve, how are you doing?

Steve: Fantastic.

Jonathan: You have a bit of a problem with some body art. What happened there, Steve?

Steve: It’s a bit of a story here and a little embarrassing. So you know OnlyFans, right?

Jonathan: No, I’ve no idea what you’re talking about. Ayla? Do you know OnlyFans?

Ayla: I know what it is, but I do not subscribe.

Steve: Okay. Yeah, well, during the pandemic, no one was seeing anybody. I got on the thing, and I kind of developed this, I wouldn’t call it a relationship, but, you know, a page I was visiting a little more frequently, right?

Jonathan: Yeah. You’ve subscribed to some girl’s page or something.

Ayla: Gotcha. Okay.

Steve: And she told me if I tattooed her name on me that I wouldn’t have to pay anymore. And I thought, well, I’m dropping 50 bucks a month on this thing. If I get a tattoo, it’s 50 bucks once, right? So, you know, time has passed. She’s not on there anymore. I don’t go on there anymore. But I’ve got this tattoo, and now I’m dating somebody, and it’s getting to the point where, you know, she’s going to end up seeing this damn thing on me.

Ayla: I guess it’s in a noticeable spot. Is it a tramp stamp?

Steve: I don’t know what I would say. It’s on my side. I don’t know why I put it there.

Ayla: It’s like a Band-Aid.

Jonathan: That’s a painful place to get it.

Ayla: I actually have a tattoo there. I’m still in the process of being removed. It takes a long, long time. But I had one on my rib cage. The most painful thing is to get it there. Even more painful to get it removed.

Jonathan: Because it’s just bone.

Ayla: It’s so painful, even thinking about it, I cringe.

Jonathan: So obviously, Steve, you were a lonely, horny idiot when you got this.

Steve: Yeah, Yeah.

Jonathan: And so you’re worried that your new girlfriend’s going to see it?

Steve: I’m wondering what’s the move? I’m thinking of just saying, Hey, I did the bad thing with an ex girlfriend. I don’t want to tell her this or do I? .

Jonathan: Which is better Ayla, if it was OnlyFans or an ex-girlfriend?

Ayla: I know nothing about it, but I would probably think it’s better to know it was not an ex-girlfriend.

Jonathan: I disagree.

Ayla: If it was a lie.

Jonathan: I disagree that he should lie.

Ayla: If she knows that he is paying a bunch of money to see sex?

Jonathan: Should I lie and say it was an ex girlfriend or should I tell the truth and say it’s OnlyFans? I actually think you should say OnlyFans.

Ayla: Yeah, well, that’s why we disagree a lot.

Jonathan: So, Steve, that’s basically your issue, right?

Steve: Yeah. And I mean, you’re not kidding about how painful that was to get there.

Jonathan: Yeah I bet.

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