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Should I Call The Cops On My Neighbor Because I Found Her Random Baby In My Backyard?

Jennifer was in her backyard and a random baby, under two years old, wandered in alone. Jennifer was rightfully concerned so she went looking and found the baby’s mother calling for her across the street. The mother insists that the baby was in a crib and somehow got out, but Jennifer has doubts about whether to believe that. She told the mother she would call the police if the baby got out again. But the baby crossed a busy street to get to her backyard and now Jennifer wonders if she should have called the police about this already.

Here’s Jennifer’s Call About Finding A Random Baby In Her Backyard

Jonathan: Today for panic button, we have Jennifer. Hey, Jennifer.

Jennifer: Hey, guys. Thanks for taking the call.

Jonathan: Absolutely. Thanks for calling in. So you had a problem where you saved a little girl’s life, but somehow this is causing you anxiety.

Jennifer: Yeah, and I know that sounds weird. I’ve got to tell you, first off, I don’t have kids, so I may not be the best person to understand the situation. But, I mean, I have a dog, so there’s that.

Jonathan: Pretty much the same thing, kind of.

Jennifer: So I’m letting the dog out and we’re in the backyard. He’s doing his business. Everything’s fine. And there’s this little kid, this random baby, in my yard. She’s like a year and a half or so. I mean, she’s small. And I don’t have one of those so I knew it wasn’t mine.

Jonathan: Yeah.

Jennifer: So I of course went running over there and I’m like oh my goodness. Are you okay. And she’s little and she is scared. But my dog and I calmed her down. And I’m like, okay, where do you live? Let me help you find your mommy or something.

Jonathan: Got it

Jennifer: Nothing. She doesn’t know where she lives because she one and a half or two.   

Jonathan: Right. Yeah.  Random baby.

Jennifer: She doesn’t know her name either. So what good is this? So, I didn’t know what to do. I’m standing there with a child hoping I don’t have to keep her. Right?

Jonathan: And this is just a random baby. Right?

Jennifer: Right. I don’t know what happened. I don’t know where I got her. She just showed up one day.

Jonathan: Yeah.

Jennifer: So I go out to the front yard to look around. I hear someone yelling, Annabelle. So I figured, clue. And I went towards the screaming. With, well, I guess with Annabelle.

Jonathan: Right.

Jennifer: And it’s her mom, and she’s like, oh, my gosh, she got out. I don’t know how she did it. She was in the baby crib and there’s a gate and the doors are shut. Like the kid just got out of Alcatraz.

Jonathan:  Right. Is that normal prison situation, right? Yeah.

Jennifer: I don’t know how secure you lock your children up, but this is a busy street. That kid crossed a busy street.

Jonathan: Oh, my gosh, she crossed the street.

Jennifer: Yeah.

Jonathan: Oh my gosh. Okay.

Jennifer: And came into my yard. I mean, what if what if Lucas the Wonder Lab was not a wonder lab, but an angry Rottweiler.

Jonathan: Yeah. Well, I mean it could have been anything. And so you don’t believe her? When she said that the kid escaped through three layers of security.

Jennifer: Right? I mean, I, I don’t know. I know when I was little I was an escape artist, but…..

Jonathan: Right.

Jennifer: Still, just the way she laid it on, it was like she was trying too hard.

Jonathan: Yeah.

Jennifer: You know, and I told her it’s okay. Here’s Annabelle. But this is bad. No bueno. And so you can’t do this.  

Jonathan: What are you contemplating? Like calling the cops on her or what?

Jennifer: I don’t know. I mean, I told her that if it happened again, I would. Yeah, because that’s just not safe. And I don’t care how genius your kid is. You’ve got to do better if they can still get out.

Jonathan: Okay. All right, well, I have two kids. Fortunately, neither of them ever escaped to that extent. But I know parents who have. In fact, Ayla, who’s not here today, but, Ayla’s son got out of the house. Though I think the door was wide open because they were having construction being done on her backyard. So that was a different circumstance. But Jennifer’s problem is a little girl wandered up to her. She found out that she lived across the street and could have been killed by a car. Her mom claims she just escaped from the house through a crib, a baby gate, and the front door. Is that possible for a one and a half year old to do? Is the mom lying? And should Jennifer have called the cops? Jennifer thank you so much.

Jennifer: Sure. Thank you.

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