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Miranda put together a Christmas List for her family to make it easier to shop for her and her kids. They all laughed at her and complained that her requests were way too expensive. But she doesn’t understand why they won’t just buy the things she wants. Would you as an adult ever give your family a Christmas List to shop for you, your family, and even your pets like Miranda did?

Jonathan: We have Miranda on with us for panic button. Hey, Miranda.

Miranda: Hey, guys.

Jonathan: Miranda, what’s the matter? You’re going to have a bad Christmas?

Miranda: I’m worried about the interaction with my family. What happened was, over Thanksgiving, I made a Christmas list for everybody. And I presented it, gave it to them at Thanksgiving, and they all just started making fun of me for creating this wish list. Not just for me, but for my kids, too.

Jonathan: I don’t see what’s wrong with it because families always like it. My family is always like, Hey, what do you want for Christmas? What do your sons want for Christmas?

Miranda: I thought it was making it easier for them.

Ayla: Everyone has an Amazon list.

Jonathan: I don’t this is uncommon. I mean, why were they making fun of you?

Miranda: I guess they just thought I was being ridiculous because of how long the list was. And they also made fun of me because of how expensive some of the items were. But I didn’t think they were that expensive.

Jonathan: What was on the list?

Miranda: My kids have been asking for a PlayStation. And things like that.

Jonathan: That’s like $500.

Ayla: You’re kidding. Yeah. Oh, that’s a lie. That doesn’t even come with the games?

Jonathan: No, it’ll come with one game.

Ayla: One game? Yeah. Game on. You get snake. Remember that game? You just get snake to play.

Jonathan: What was on your list? That was for the kids. What about you?

Miranda: I’d really like an Apple Watch. That’s what I’ve been looking at.

Jonathan: Okay. Those are like 200 bucks.

Miranda: Yeah, but, I mean, everybody’s working. Everyone’s in a professional situation. It didn’t seem that extreme to me.

Jonathan: Oh, these people aren’t broke, is what you’re saying. They can afford it?

Miranda: Yeah. Yeah, they can afford this.

Ayla: I have a question. Miranda. You said right at the beginning of this call, a couple seconds ago, that they were making fun of you. For how long your list was. How long was the list?

Miranda: Well, I guess it was like five pages, but it wasn’t, you know, that long.

Ayla: Miranda reminds me of my sister so much. My sister does the same thing. We’re like, thank you for the list you made

Jonathan: Five pages? Is she a Disney princess?

Ayla: Oh, if she could, she would. Yeah. Between the kid, the dogs, her now two babies, her husband and herself. Five pages.

Jonathan: Your sister expects you to buy stuff for her dog animals?

Ayla: Absolutely. Part of my family.

Jonathan: Okay. That’s an entirely different topic. Miranda, back to you. So it was five, but you don’t expect them to buy everything on the list, right?

Miranda: Oh, no, not at all. I’m just trying to give lots of options because I know that’s one of the most stressful things about gift shopping is trying to figure out what to get, right?

Jonathan: Okay. I don’t see what’s wrong with it. So what if you ask for a PlayStation for your kids? So what if you ask for a gold plated Apple watch?

Ayla: That’s not what they want to spend the money on.

Jonathan: Yeah, well, then they’re a bunch of cheapskates.

Miranda: Yeah. Come together. You know, two people could get a gift together.

Jonathan: Yeah. Combine your cash and get a PlayStation. Maybe all five of you just band together and make my kids happy on Christmas. Miranda’s problem is she made a very thoughtful list of things that she and her kids want for Christmas, and her family laughed at her and told her it was too expensive and she was asking for too much. Is that wrong? Miranda, thank you so much.

Miranda: Thank you.

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