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I Got My Mother-In-Law High And Was Not Prepared For What Happened Next

Gabe made some pot cookies for himself to enjoy. His mother–in-law wanted one, and even though he warned her that they were strong she insisted on trying one. She got so high that she ended up skinny dipping in their pool before passing out. The next morning she woke up and blamed him for getting her high. Now her husband has dubbed her “Crazy Katie” and makes fun of her constantly for it, and she blames Gabe for her behavior.

Gabe :Well, so I like edibles. Its something I do every night, almost like my wind down, I would say, or my nightcap. I’ve been doing one every night. I mean, it’s pretty strong, I would have to say, for most people. I make my own pot desserts. Well, one day my, my wife’s parents visit. And my mother in law, her name’s Katie, saw what I was doing and wanted one. And I was like, hey, just like, you know, don’t eat these, you know, unless you want to get messed up. But she loves sweets. And you put sweets out there, she’s gonna have one

Ayla Brown: Okay? All right.

Gabe: I warned her again. But she was like, No, don’t worry. You know, I’ve had these in college. I’ve done this. I used to party back in the day. And I was like, okay, Katie. Okay. Hey, do you really want to do it? She’s like, I want to see how you cook, Master Chef. Well, it’s pretty strong. You know, You’re probably gonna pass out. Just be careful and see. I don’t know if she was trying to show off or whatever, but I was like, If you want to do it, you’re a grown up. So she ate a whole cookie.

Ayla Brown: Oh. Not a quarter. The entire thing

Gabe: No, not the corner. Yeah, not with the chocolate chip. You know, she’s like, I want the whole thing.

Ayla Brown: And what happened?

Gabe: She didn’t fall asleep. She started get a little loopy., I went to the bathroom, I came back. I was about to get something to drink. And I look outside and she’s already half naked. I have a pool in the backyard. And she just starts skinny dipping in the pool. I’m just like, Oh, my God. Oh, my God. I don’t know if I’m supposed to look or not look right now. And my father in law is like, just mouth open..

Ayla Brown: He loves it. He’s like, Well, finally Katie’s let loose a little bit

Gabe: Eventually she passes out. But here’s the problem. It’s like the next day she gets up, she’s weird.

Ayla Brown: Um, let me guess. She yells at you. Yeah, exactly. Gabe, it’s all your fault. I can’t believe you got me high. It’s all your fault that I got in the pool in skinny dip your fault. And you’re like, Katie, No, that’s crazy. It’s actually your fault. So who is at fault here?

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