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Teenager bully menacing boy while friends are recording. Bullying and violence at school concept

Caleb’s wife admitted to him that she has a favorite between their two sons. He responded that he actually likes the neighbor boy better than either of his kids, who he refers to as “little monsters“. He says he does love them, he just doesn’t like them all the time. And the neighbor boy is polite, respectful and does great in school. Is it awful for a parent to admit he likes the neighbor boy more than his own sons? Or does Caleb have a point about his own kids?

Jonathan: Today we’ve got Caleb. Hey, Caleb.

Caleb: Hey. How are y’all doing?

Jonathan: Doing fantastic, Caleb So what’s your problem? You have an issue with a favorite kid, right?

Caleb: So my problem is, I’ve got two sons, and I have no problem admitting that they’re morons. They get bad grades.

Jonathan: Okay, Caleb

Caleb: Look, They’re my boys. I can say this, all right? They get bad grades. They’re both… They’re not terrible, but they’re little monsters sometimes.

Jonathan: They’re not terrible. They’re just demonic. Got it. Like, what’s an example of them being terrible? They get bad grades, but what have they done that’s so terrible?

Caleb: They don’t clean. They don’t clean anything in the house. The whole place smells just like them. And then on top of that, I’ve got a 15 year old and I got a 13 year old. Okay. The 15 year old has already gotten his dumb ass arrested.

Ayla: What did he do to get arrested?

Caleb: He shot up a car with a BB gun.

Jonathan: Okay.

Ayla: Oh, my.

Jonathan: God. Okay. So are you calling about the fact that your kids are little, in your words, monsters, or is there more to this?

Caleb: So me and my wife are having a little chat, and she mentions, you know, I have a favorite kid. It’s Tyler, our 15 year old. Okay, really? You know, is not Bryan, our 13 year old?

Ayla: Oh, okay.

Caleb: She goes, Nope. And I tell her, you know what? I’ve got a favorite kid. You know, it is Randy from down the street.

Jonathan: Who’s Randy?

Caleb: Randy is one of our neighbor’s kids. And this little guy is amazing.

Jonathan: Listen to him, like, beaming with pride over somebody else’s kid. What makes Randy so amazing?

Caleb: Randy just might be the perfect kid. He’s got great manners. Every time he comes in the house, he says hello to me and my wife. He cleans whatever he uses. And on top of that, he gets good grades. This kid’s ge straight A’s and stuff. I mean, he’s a he’s a freshman, but he’s playing on the varsity soccer team.

Jonathan: Oh, my God.

Caleb: I mean, the kid’s amazing. And my wife got so mad at me! She was like, Oh, my God, how could you say that? How could just say that? But if we’re going to be honest, why am I going to prefer them just because they’re my flesh and blood?

Jonathan: When you say obviously they’re the worst.

Caleb: I can say this. They’re not the worst, but they’re in the running. You know what I mean?

Ayla: But you’re breaking my heart.

Jonathan: I don’t know. I think it’s refreshing to hear a father be this honest about his kids. I mean, is Randy friends with one of your sons?

Caleb: Yes. Randy is friends with the 15 year old. And I have no idea why.

Ayla: You’re killing me. You are killing me with the kids.

Caleb: I mean, Randy is just so smart. He’s so polite.

Ayla: Oh, I get that. We’re running out of time.

Jonathan: All right. So Randy’s awesome and amazing. right now. Randy’s problem is that he’s got two kids and that hates No, he loves them. But he’s also frustrated with them. And there’s a kid down the block named Randy, who’s awesome. His wife is like, How can you possibly prefer some kid down the block to your own flesh and blood? And he’s like, How can I not? Our kids are awful. Is that healthy? Is that okay? Is that right? Anybody agree with Randy? Anyone brave enough to admit it? Caleb, thanks so much for your call.

Caleb: Thank you. Thank you guys for hearing me out.

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