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Country Mornings with Jonathan & Ayla

Country Mornings with Jonathan & Ayla

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Ryan bought Morgan Wallen tickets for $800 from a scalper to surprise his girlfriend who was so excited that she pre-gamed a little too hard before the show. And then during the third song she passed out and now he’s pissed he spent so much on a concert she didn’t even see. Would you pay $800 to see Morgan Wallen? Have you ever drank so much you fell asleep in public?

Ayla Brown: Good morning, Ryan. Last night, we let the liquor talk. I heard something happened at the Morgan Wallen show at Fenway Park. What happened, Ryan?

Ryan: Yeah, well, I enjoyed it very much.

Ayla Brown: Me too. I went on Thursday night. It was epic.

Ryan: All the hits, I mean the crowd was great. I took my girlfriend, who I’ve been with for about two years. She loves Nashville and loves country and if you went to the show you know, the tickets were kind of hard to get.

Ayla Brown: Kind of hard? They sold out in like 30 seconds when he initially put them online. So how did you get tickets? Did you buy them months ago?

Ryan: I had to go through a scalper. So I paid a premium.

Ayla Brown: I’m surprised you actually admit that. Is that illegal? Anyway, keep going with your story.

Ryan: Well, okay, I did not get them through Ticketmaster. Let’s say that it way.

Ayla Brown: Okay. How much did you pay for the tickets out of curiosity?

Ryan: Well, more than I wanted to. It might be around 400 each. So just to kind of give you an idea of how much I wanted us to have a good time. And how much I wanted to impress my girlfriend and treat her to this this concert. So like I said, she loves country and she was thrilled that I got a hold of these tickets. I didn’t tell her how much they were, but, you know, we were so excited. We kind of pre-gamed beforehand.

Ayla Brown: Most people do. Got it.

Ryan: And I think maybe because of the excitement, she really pre-gamed and maybe I don’t think she’s used to drinking of that much in the afternoon. So you know, we got to the concert and it’s a great time and I looked over during the second or third song and she’s sleeping.

Ayla Brown: Sleeping during Morgan Wallen? How was she was able to sleep. It was so loud and he’s so good at that.

Ryan: So you understand what I’m saying? You know, it was a little weird.

Ayla Brown: Well did you ask her like, Hello, Are you sleeping? Or was she just out?

Ryan: Of course I did. She was drinking and just decided to go to sleep through this. Is she okay? Is she physically ok? Yes. She woke up for a little bit and then just sort of nodded off again. I’m assuming it’s because of all the pre-game. But all the time I’m thinking, okay, 400 bucks a piece for tickets.

Ayla Brown: She slept the whole time? I, I kind of want to have a talk with her right now, but what is your question for our audience?

Ryan: Well, I was just so stunned and confused by that. So I guess my question is has anybody ever spent a lot of money on something that they really were looking forward to and ended up, for whatever reason, sleeping through most of it? Because I just can’t wrap my head around that.

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