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Gambler Scratching a Lottery Ticket With a Penny

Brian went to a wedding where the couple gave out a scratch off ticket as a thank you gift. Brian won $8000 on the ticket but now everyone is angry at him because he isn’t sharing his lottery winnnings with the bride and groom. If you won money on a scratch off ticket that was a gift from someone else, what would you do?

Ayla Brown: And good morning, Brian. I heard you had the most fantastic trip to Mexico, which is awesome. Tell me what happened at the wedding.

Brian: Good morning. Well, it was a really fantastic trip. At least it started out that way. We got invited to an all inclusive wedding. It wasn’t a huge event. It was some really good friends, like 35, 40 people. We all went to Mexico. Really nice. Everything was great. Everybody was super happy. It was beautiful. Couldn’t be happier. But as we’re at the reception, there was a little card on everybody’s plate at dinner.

Ayla Brown: Okay, okay. Okay. So?

Brian: It was a lottery ticket, a scratch off. Kind of like a hilarious, funny thing. Right?

Ayla Brown: From the bride and groom? It was cute like you opened up a card and it was a scratch ticket. Yeah. Okay.

Brian: It was a moment.

Ayla Brown: It was a moment. Got it, Got it, Got it. So did you scratch it off and did you win?

Brian: So we end up winning $8,000 on the ticket.

Ayla Brown: No one ever wins in those things. Never.

Brian: I’ve never won more than like $2 or scratchers over my whole life. Okay. So, we’re super excited at this, Like, can’t believe it. And the next morning at this really nice place everybody meets up at the pool and stuff

Ayla Brown: I bet word traveled that y’all won 8000 bucks.

Brian: Well, we were excited, still surprised and excited and told folks. And then all of a sudden, it was weird how things turned. And then one of our friends finally said, well, so aren’t you going to,give this to I’m not going to say that.

Ayla Brown: Basically, you’re not going to give any of it to the bride and groom.
Any of the $8,000. They did give you the scratch off ticket and you won. So you’re not giving any to the bride and groom?

Brian: Well, my initial reaction is, why would I think it was on my plate?

Ayla Brown: Right, that’s would probably be most people’s reaction because they never win.

Brian: And that’s to be expected. I mean, it sort of sounds like a trap if you give everybody a card and it’s like whoever wins has to give it back to you.

Ayla Brown: So now everyone is judging you because you basically were like, why? No, we’re going to keep it for ourselves. We have a vacation we want to go on. We got bills, We got kids. Summer.

Brian: Exactly. Exactly.

Ayla Brown: If you were, Brian, would you give some any or all of the money to the bride and groom because they got the scratch ticket for everyone or would you say, thank you, sir? Thank you, ma’am. But this is my money and I’m keeping all of it Thank you, Brian, and congratulations.

Brian: I’m glad somebody is happy about it.

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