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I never thought I’d need to research gluten free alcoholic options, but here I am. I’m ready to share what I’ve learned to help you too!

Why I need Gluten Free Alcoholic Options

It felt like the saddest day of my life when I discovered that I am intolerant to gluten and dairy. Actually, I found out through a detailed blood test at the Center for Wellbeing that my body reacts adversely to all sort of things! Some of the “big” ones though were gluten, dairy, and mushrooms. For someone who has loved and savored these foods for years, the news was a devastating revelation. Who doesn’t love a cheese pizza from Johnny Kono’s in Weymouth! Not only was I emotionally attached to these ingredients, but they also formed a considerable part of my diet.

Yet, prioritizing my health, I removed them immediately and watched in astonishment as I lost 7 pounds in just 5 days.

Ayla Brown and health coach at Center for Wellbeing

It’s true! I never knew my body swelled up like a balloon when I ate gluten. But thanks to a blood test with Center For Wellbeing I can now make changes in my diet.

Now, this journey wasn’t about weight loss, though that was a surprising bonus. It was about self-discovery and understanding my unique body constitution. And it brought me to a realization that I might not be alone in this. Many out there could be silently suffering from gluten intolerance or other food sensitivities without even realizing it.

In the midst of adapting to this newfound reality, a question arose: What about alcohol? A social drinker by habit, I realized that most alcoholic beverages might contain gluten.  While many alcoholic beverages indeed contain gluten, there’s still hope for those of us with intolerances or sensitivities.

Why Does Alcohol Have So Much Gluten In It?

Beer and certain alcoholic beverages contain gluten primarily due to the ingredients they are made from. And then, the traditional methods of production. Let’s break it down:

  1. Beer: Beer is traditionally made from malted barley or wheat. Both of these contain gluten. The brewing process does not eliminate gluten from the final product, making regular beer unsuitable for those with celiac disease or gluten sensitivities.
  2. Whiskey and Malt-Based Spirits: Similar to beer, whiskies, especially those labeled as “malt” whiskies, are derived from malted barley or other grains that contain gluten. Even though the distillation process should theoretically remove gluten proteins, small fragments might remain, which could be problematic for those with celiac disease.
  3. Other Grain-Based Alcohols: Spirits like vodka and gin can be made from a variety of grains, including wheat, rye, and barley, all of which contain gluten. However, the distillation process should remove most of the gluten proteins. Some experts believe that distilled spirits, regardless of the original source, are effectively gluten-free due to this distillation. Yet, reactions can vary among individuals, and it’s always safer for those with sensitivities or celiac disease to choose spirits made from non-gluten grains.


    There are a number of craft breweries throughout North America that make gluten free options. If you attend a local brewery, always look and ask for a gluten free one. Here’s a few that I found that may be helpful.

  • Green's Gluten Free Beer

    Green’s: Offers a variety of gluten-free beers made from alternative grains like sorghum and millet. Their beers can be found in various restaurants in and around Boston. You can buy at The Painted Burro in Waltham, Stars on Hingham Harbor in Hingham, Horseshoe Pub in Hudson, and more if you look on their website.

    Green's - Merchant du Vin

    Gluten-Free Belgian beers made from gluten-free ingredients: millet, sorghum, buckwheat, and rice - as well as hops, water, and yeast.

  • Omission Balanced Brewing

    Omission Balanced Brewing: Produces beers with traditional ingredients but then uses a process to remove gluten. However, some experts suggest that people with celiac disease should approach such beers with caution. While some are not available in MA, many are and you can find them on their website.

    The Ultimate Balanced Beer Experience - Omission (en-US)

    Skip to Content Ultimate Golden Ale is 3 carbs, 99 cals, 0g of sugar and always gluten reduced. This light and citrusy beer is refreshing and full of flavor. Per 12oz Average Analysis: Calories 99, Carbohydrate 3g, Protein 1.5g, Fat 0g Ultimate Wheat Ale is 2.3 carbs.

  • Element Brewing Company

    Element Brewing Company: This is a Massachusetts-based company and their gluten free drink is called “Plasma.” It’s a hybrid drink of an IPA and Sake. Definitely sounds like an interesting combo! They’re located in Millers Falls, MA and you can find their beers and hours on their website.

  • Ipswich Ale Brewery

    Ipswich Ale Brewery is located in Ipswich and they have one gluten free option called “Celia Saison.” They’re open Wednesday through Sunday. You can find into on their brewery here.

    Ipswich Ale Brewery | Boston's North Shore Original Craft Brewery

    With a tradition of crafting delicious beer since 1991, the Ipswich Ale Brewery has been the original craft brewery on Boston's North Shore.


    There are a number of spirits that are gluten free. Here’s a list of ones that I’ve found for you!

  • Tito's Handmade Vodka

    Tito’s Handmade Vodka is made from corn and is recognized as being gluten free. I would say this is one of the most famous gluten free spirits. While my husband isn’t gluten intolerant, he loves the taste of Tito’s.

    Tito's vodka

    Tito’s is a great choice if you want to be healthy to your gut!

  • Ciroc

    Ciroc is a brand of vodka made from grapes, so it’s fine for those with celiac disease or those who are gluten intolerant. Fun fact: It was partially owned by P. Diddy for a while and it was reported that he took home $60million annually from the sales of the vodka.

    Sean "Diddy" Combs Press Conference To Announce New Business Venture

    Ciroc is a great choice if you want a gluten free beverage

  • Blue Ice Vodka

    Blue Ice Vodka is a potato-based vodka. In fact, the website says they use only the finest Idaho potatoes for their vodka. This will be a safe one to drink for those with gluten intolerances. There are plenty of stores you can buy this vodka, if you just search on their website.

  • Bacardi

    Bacardi: Most of their rums are gluten-free! Except the flavored versions are not gluten free. Just make sure you remember that before ordering a mojito flavor or something.

    three bacardi bottles

    Bacardi is a great option for rum drinkers that want to be kind to their gut!

  • Jose Cuervo

    Jose Cuervo: Their Tequilas are made from the blue agave plant, which are naturally gluten-free.

    Three Jose Cuervo bottles

    Tequila lovers! Here’s an option for you if you need to be gluten free!


    Most wines are naturally gluten-free since they’re made from grapes. However, always be cautious of wines with additives or those aged in barrels that might have been sealed with a wheat-based paste.

  • Barefoot Wines

    Barefoot Wine is considered gluten-free, including their spritzers and Fruitscatos. If you like wines, this is a great one for you!

    two barefoot wines in an ice bucket

    Barefoot wines are a great option for wine drinkers that have a gluten intolerance.

  • Yellow Tail Wines

    Rejoice! All Yellow Tail Wines are gluten free! This is another option that will be good with those with Celiac disease and gluten intolerances.

    five bottles of Yellow Tail wines

    Another wine option for a healthy, gluten free gut!

  • Cupcake Vineyards

    According to the Cupcake Vineyards website, “Nothing in our wines contains gluten and they are made in gluten free areas.” So rest easy, you’re safe with this company!

    five bottles of Cupcake lighthearted wines

    I have tried Cupcake Wines and really enjoyed them!

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