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La Cantina Winery In Franklin Celebrates Grand Opening With Bigger Location and Full Food Menu

La Cantina Winery in Franklin, Massachusetts has opened the doors to its brand new winery and retail space and it's a perfect new place for such a special winery. I have had a close relationship with La Cantina Winery since 2020. The venue asked if my husband and I would put on an outdoor show in the backyard of the family-owned winery during the pandemic for 50 people. At the time, 50 was the maximum amount of people allowed in a space. The tables were separated and "socially distant." Rob and I put on a very intimate story-telling show that night, which was a different style of show that we had ever done before together. Over the next months our show began to "take off," and more people wanted to go to the winery and see our show. All of a sudden, La Cantina Winery became our special performance spot. Since 2020, we have performed there dozens of times, each one being a sell-out. We consider the winery owners, Bob and Ana Vozella, like family. And we are so thrilled to see their winery expanding into a larger location with a pizza oven and full kitchen to serve food! More About La Cantina Winery La Cantina Winery open its doors in 2015, but the Vozella family’s tradition of winemaking started in the 1900’s in Santa Maria Del Molise, Italy. After moving to Franklin, MA, that tradition continued and flourished into La Cantina Winery. Until their grand opening at the larger location (located at 230 Cottage St, Franklin, MA) all wine production was completed in the basement of the Vozella's home in very small batches. They opened their backyard for patrons to come and drink their wine, they have had live music, and many times they'd have a food truck for people to buy food from. But now they have a huge space right next door to their home. [caption id="attachment_1165949" align="alignnone" width="768"] This photo was taken back in 2020 when we performed at the winery together for the first time. It was the first of many performances, and we are so excited to see the winery grow![/caption] New Space, New Food and More Wine! La Cantina Winery is now able to serve more of their wine to their patrons because they no longer need to make it in their basement. The new space allows them to make the wine, bottle it, and get it right out to distribution and in your wine glass. They will now serve food like Lamb Lollipops, charcuterie boards, octopus, and delicious wood-fired pizza. This space is beautiful and I am so excited to see La Cantina Winery expand! If you have never visited them, don't waste any time. Check out the information and photos below!