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Ashley hates her daughter’s new husband. She knows that he is bad for her daughter and that this marriage isn’t going to last. So she has started a Go-Fund-Me to raise money for her daughter to get a divorce. She has already raised a few thousand dollars. The only problem is that her daughter doesn’t want to get a divorce. And now she’s angry at mom for suggesting it.

Jonathan: For panic button today, we have Ashley. Hey, Ashley.

Ashley: Hey, guys.

Jonathan: So, Ashley, you have a bit of a problem with people in your life who don’t like being prepared, who don’t like looking forward to a future that maybe they don’t think is so grand. You started a GoFundMe, and again, you’re just trying to be prepared for the inevitable. What’s going on?

Ashley: So my daughter, she’s 22, fresh out of college, just got married. And to be frank, I hate her new husband.

Jonathan: Oh, okay. Well, why? Why do you hate him?

Ashley: Well, first of all, he’s absolutely for sure cheating on her. And she won’t listen to me when I point these things out to her.

Jonathan: How do you know? Did he cheat on her before they were married? Or is he just cheating on her now?

Ashley: He hides his phone from her sometimes. Big red flag.

Ayla: Yeah, huge red flag.

Jonathan: Sure.

Ashley: He says that he is working late or staying at the gym. At work late in his office building.

Ayla: And you’re like, I’ve been around the block. I know these things because I’m a mama bear.

Ashley: She just says things like I can’t live by myself or whatever. She basically gave me all these excuses. And so I started a go Fund Me to fund her divorce fees.

Ayla: When you say you started a GoFundMe to pay for your daughter’s divorce, is. that even possible on GoFundMe?

Jonathan: Actually, because I knew we were getting on this call, I googled GoFundMe divorce. Yeah. And I don’t see anybody saying I’m funding my daughter’s divorce, but I do see a lot of ones funding divorces.

Ayla: I’ve been divorced once. It’s expensive.

Jonathan: People have goals of like 10 to $20,000. So what goal have you set?

Ashley: I think we’re setting it at like 15, just to recover.

  • But Here's The Kicker.... Her Daughter Doesn't Want To Get Divorced........ Yet?

    Ayla: But your daughter wants to stay with the husband and her husband and make it work, right?

    Ashley: Yeah. I mean, listen, she’s young, and she only has so much life experience. And I’m trying to come from a more experienced place and explain to her, you might be okay with this now, but do you want to have a kid with this guy and have the father of your child be running around on you?

    Jonathan: Okay

    Ayla: If my parents ever did this, I’d be so mad.

    Jonathan: Even though your dad literally was walking you down the aisle for your first wedding and told you not to do it.

    Ayla: Yeah, but that’s my mistake. I should pay for my mistakes. My parents shouldn’t be like, hey, don’t worry, honey, we got you. We set up a GoFundMe page. You have to learn and pay for these mistakes that you make on your own, not have your parents bail you out for stuff like that.

    Jonathan: Okay, so Ashley, you have the page. I’m assuming you put it up on Facebook, you know, because otherwise nobody’s going to see it. What happened?

    Ashley: I posted on Facebook. My daughter’s not really on Facebook.

    Jonathan: Yeah if you want it to be secret Facebook is a safe place to keep it. If you don’t want a 22 year old to see something post it on Facebook. But other people saw it, I’m assuming.

    Ashley: Oh, yeah. And, actually, her dad, my husband, is not a fan. He has been trying to get me to take it down. And I’m pretty dead set on letting this show her how many people would be in support of her leaving.

    Jonathan: Oh, wow.

    Ayla: This is savage.

    Jonathan: Oh. That’s sad. Because if you raise money and you’re like, look at how many people think that I’m right.

    Ayla: This is like an education fund you save up for. You’re supposed to use it for your child and their education, but you’re just saving up in the event that she gets divorced. This is wild, right?

    Jonathan: I think this is being responsible, being a good mother. Maybe it’s a little passive, maybe even a little aggressive. But I think, I think it’s crazy. So, Ashley, did your husband have a problem with you posting it on Facebook?

    Ashley: I would assume so because he asked me to take it down.

    Jonathan: Okay, fine. So has anybody donated to it?

    Ashley: Yeah, we got a couple grand already.

    Ayla: So I’m embarrassed. This is stupid.

    Jonathan: You know what? It is probably creepy. Dudes are like, oh, good. Or divorce, and she’ll be available.

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