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Jayde has been doing yoga in her backyard while her house is being renovated, but her neighbor’s teenage sons have been enjoying the show a little too much. Their mother accused her of being inappropriate and demanded that she stops doing yoga in her yard, so she invited some friends over to all do yoga in her backyard.

Ayla Brown’s Conversation With Jayde About Yoga

Ayla Brown: And good morning to Jayde. What is going on with yoga?

Jayde: I love it. I’ve been practicing for some time, and my house is being renovated. I usually do practice in my house. 45 minutes to an hour every day. Makes me feel great. That’s beside the point. So the weather’s been lovely. I’ve been outside while the house is being renovated. In my backyard. And I’ve noticed that the teenage boys next door, I think they’ve been peeking as I practice. I have it confirmed that this has been going on because their crazy mama came over to my house and accused me of being inappropriate and too sexual. I’m in my backyard doing my yoga and that I needed to stop or there were going to be problems. I took the nonsense in. Okay. And okay. I’m sorry. I’m sometimes quite petty. I really am.

Ayla Brown: Listen, we love a good petty girl, let me tell you. I know you listen to this show, which is why you call in. And sometimes we have really petty situations. So what did you do that was so petty?

Jayde: Well, maybe I might have invited several of my friends to come over and do yoga every morning from that moment on.

Ayla Brown: Let’s go back really quickly to the moment that the your neighbor came over and told you that you were being too sexual with your yoga poses and said it was inappropriate because her two teenage boys were staring. And you’re like, Yeah, that’s not my problem. First of all, get your sons in check. But also to make it even better, I’m going to get even more petty. I’m going to invite all of my hot friends over to do yoga every day. Now, that’s beautiful.

Jayde: Well, I mean, if they want something to watch.

Ayla Brown: Oh, my gosh. Okay.

Control Your Kids Or Stop Doing ‘Downward Dog?’

Jayde: You need to learn how to control your children. Like, maybe if your house was clean, you wouldn’t have to worry about mine.

Ayla Brown: So what are you wanting to know? What’s your question exactly, for our listeners? Because I’m going to throw it out to the phones.

Jayde: I realize I might have just brought on more issue than necessary. And I tried to be a good neighbor but have I gone too far. Do I just have to cut the classes that we’re having in the backyard and move everything inside or go to another yoga studio instead? So this woman can, I don’t know, not teach her boys any boundaries, you know, make them real fine citizens.

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