Follow This One Rule If You Want To Be Happy And Live To 100

Live Longer in New England: Which New England State Ranks Tops For Places People Live Longest?

The Secret to a Long, Laugh-filled Life: You’ll Live Longer in New England!

Living in New England contributes to a  long and healthy lifespan.
All of the New England states made the top 25 states where people live the longest, according to Stacker.

Brace yourself for some wicked good reasons to live long and prosper in New England

Maybe it’s that that crisp, invigorating air – a natural elixir that keeps our lungs dancing with joy! (Or freezing to death.)

And oh, the seasons!

We like to say we have “Four Seasons of Fantastic Fitness.” Our summers are perfect for beach games. (Volleyball anyone?)  In fall, we rake up laughter as well as leaves. Winter? You’ll be snowboarding your way to a buff core! And spring? Say hello to rejuvenation as flowers bloom and gardeners get busy!

But wait, there’s more!

New Englanders have a secret superpower: hearty, wholesome meals. Our seafood is so fresh that fish practically jump out of the ocean and onto your plate! From succulent lobsters to clam chowder that warms your soul, our diets are rich in omega-3s and happiness!

Did I mention that New Englanders just have a good sense of humor?

It’s contagious, and laughter is the ultimate cardio workout. It’s no wonder our hearts stay strong and our abs stay rock-solid. Our sarcasm also saves lives!

Plus, it’s just plain pretty here.

It’s so breathtakingly beautiful,  it’s like living in a postcard. Nature is our personal therapist, and every hike is a natural stress-buster. Plus, the scenery is so stunning that it makes us forget our age – we’re forever young at heart!

Oh, and how can we forget the unique New England experiences?

Ever witnessed the Red Sox winning the World Series? It’s like a fountain of youth, minus the fountain. Our sports teams keep us on our toes – the excitement keeps our hearts ticking like a champ!

But hey, living in New England isn’t all about staying fit; it’s about cherishing life with family and friends. Our close-knit communities and never-ending festivities make every day a celebration.

In a nutshell, New England living is a recipe for a long, healthy life.

New England might just be the “Fountain of Youth” that Ponce de León was searching for – and the secret sauce is hidden in our lobster rolls! So, what are you waiting for? Grab a clam chowder and start laughing your way to immortality, New England style!

Here’s how the New England states rank when it comes to living the longest.

(Spoiler alert: Hawaii is #1. Of course it is.)


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