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We can't wait to see Luke Combs hold a red solo cup at Gillette. It's become part of his staple look!

Luke Combs is finally playing at Gillette Stadium and here are the 26 songs he will sing on stage!

The anticipation and excitement is growing as country music sensation Luke Combs prepares to take the stage at Gillette Stadium for not just one, but two sold-out shows. This iconic venue has hosted legendary performers such as Kenny Chesney and Taylor Swift. Now, it’s time for Luke Combs to make his mark on the hearts of New England country music lovers.

From Small Town To Luke Combs Singing Songs At Gillette Stadium

luke combs shaking hands with fans at a concert

We couldn’t be more excited to welcome Luke Combs to Gillette Stadium for the first time! He’s got some big boots to fill though! (We know he can do it)

Luke Combs’ rise to stardom has been nothing short of extraordinary. From his humble beginnings in Asheville, North Carolina, to selling out stadiums across the country, Combs has captivated audiences with his powerful voice, relatable lyrics, and undeniable talent. His debut album, “This One’s for You,” catapulted him to the top of the charts, featuring hit singles like “Hurricane,” “When It Rains It Pours,” and “One Number Away.” Since then, Combs has become a mainstay on country radio and a favorite among fans of the genre.

Join Country 102.5 For The Luke Combs Pre-Party Info On July 21 and July 22nd

Going to the show on July 21 or July 22? Stop by the Luke Combs Pre-Show Party at Six String Grill & Stage from 3-7pm. Can’t wait to see you there!

Luke Combs Pre-Show Party

Hits that Will Rock the Stadium

As Luke Combs takes the stage at Gillette Stadium, fans can expect a setlist filled with his greatest hits and fan favorites. Songs like “Beautiful Crazy,” a heartfelt ballad that has become an anthem for love and devotion, are sure to leave the audience singing along at the top of their lungs. The infectious energy of “Beer Never Broke My Heart” and “She Got the Best of Me” will have the crowd on their feet, dancing and cheering. And let’s not forget the empowering anthem “Forever After All,” which showcases Combs’ ability to connect with listeners on a deeply emotional level.

Here’s The 26 Luke Combs Songs He Will Sing At Gillette:

  • 1. Lovin' On You

    Talk about starting the set off with a bang! Don’t be late to the start of his show or you will miss one of his best songs on his album.

  • 2. Hannah Ford Road

    I’ve never seen Luke sing this one live, but it’s up beat, it’s fun, and it’ll sure get the crowd dancing and tapping their feet.

  • 3. Cold As You

    I love this music video, but the chorus of this song is the best part of the song. You can help but bob your head like you’re at a rock and roll concert. There’s something special about the song, that’s for sure!

  • 4. One Number Away

    Luke, we are just one number away at 888-819-1025. Call us ANYTIME!

  • 5. Houston, We Got A Problem

    This will be the first time where Luke brings it down to take a breath in his set. I’ll never forget when I heard this song for the first time. I was ironically in Texas. But you don’t need to be to understand the lyrics of this song.

  • 6. Love You Anyway

    This is one of the most romantic songs he’s written. And he has a lot of adorable ballads.

  • 7. Going, Going Gone

    Anyone who’s had a girl leave them can relate to this song. It’s ok though. Love is right around the corner for you!

  • 8. Must've Never Met You

    I have never heard him do this one live, but it’s a fan favorite off of his record. I love the end of the chorus when he says “must’ve never met you” and the you has a cool vocal run on it.

  • 9. Even Though I'm Leaving

    This song is definitely a tear-jerker. If you don’t want to use your own pearl snap button down to wipe your tears, bring some tissues.

  • 10. My Kinda Folk

    Luke has always been true to who he is, and this song is a dedication to other “folks like him.”

  • 11. Does To Me (with Riley Green)

    Word is, he’ll bring Riley Green out for this song! Can’t wait to hear this one. You get two for the price of 1!

  • 12. Forever After All

    The music video features clips from his wedding to Nicole. This song was one of the most-used wedding songs of the year!

  • 13. Dust On the Bottle/Meet In The Middle/When I was Your Man (And Band Introductions)

    “Dust on the Bottle” by David Lee Murphy mixed with “Meet In The Middle” by Diamond Rio and “When I was your man” by Bruno Mars. He will put all of those in a medley and introduce the band during this time. Don’t leave to get a beer. Luke wouldn’t be up there without his band, so make some extra noise for them!

  • 14. Beautiful Crazy

    He’ll bring the tempo down again for this beautiful song he wrote about his wife. But let’s be honest, we can all relate to the lyrics of this one.

  • 15. Where The Wild Things Are

    This is off the new record. Excited to hear it live for the first time.

  • 16. Outrunning Your Memory (Lainey Wilson)

    This song is originally recorded with the incredible Miranda Lambert, but on tour Lainey Wilson will take Miranda’s lyrics and sing her part. Can’t wait to see those bellbottoms rockin’ from the stage!

  • 17. Fast Car

    Luke took Tracy Chapman’s song and brought it back to #1 after 2 decades. We love this cover and can’t wait to hear it live!

  • 18. 5 Leaf Clover

    He’s keeping the tempo low with this new song off his newest record.

  • 19. She Got The Best Of Me

    He’s picking up the pace a little bit. Letting it build with hit after hit.

  • 20. Hurricane

    Like this hit! Hurricane was his first #1 at country radio. Every time I hear it I’m reminded why Luke Combs was a star from the beginning.

  • 21. 1,2 Many

    Who hasn’t had 1,2 many at some point? At this point in the set there will be thousands of people who have had too much to drink! (don’t drink and drive)

  • 22. When It Rains It Pours

    What a fun sing-a-long song. When it rains it does pour and Luke did a great job writing this catchy tune.

  • 23. Beer Never Broke My Heart

    Love the honesty of this song. Of all of the things and people who have broken his heart, beer has never done that.

  • 24. Better Together

    This will be his his second to last slow song in the set. And it’s almost over! If you need to hit the road to beat traffic, maybe this is the time.

  • 25. The Kind of Love We Make

    This is the last slow song of the set. Time to start packing up your belongings.

  • 26. Brand New Man (Riley & Lainey)

    This is Luke’s last song and he really ends with a BANG! He will bring out his openers to sing along with this one. This is a classic Brooks & Dunn song and Luke does a great job with it!

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