Luke Combs Forced To Cancel Show At Gillette After Only 15 Songs Due To Severe Weather

Update: Many fans who were at Luke Comb's Friday night show at Gillette didn't believe that he sang 15 songs. Here is a copy of his set list for you to see. Also, the set list was confirmed that it was 15 songs by his bass player, Mat Maxwell and his drummer, Jake Sommers. The musicians stopped by Matt's Music Center in South Weymouth on Saturday, July 22nd before the 2nd Gillette show to put on a clinic for young musicians. I was personally there and raised my hand and asked about the Friday night cancellation. The two musicians reiterated that it wasn't Luke's fault, and that the Fire Marshall pulled the plug on the show due to severe weather. Mat and Jake also said they were able to get through 15 songs. Those songs were the following: Lovin' On You Hannah Ford Road Cold As You One Number Away Houston, We Got A Problem You Found Yours Going, Going, Gone Must've Never Met You Doin' This This One's For You (WEATHER DELAY AFTER THIS SONG) Where The Wild Things Are Fast Car Love You Anyway The Kind Of Love We Make Beer Never Broke My Heart (SHOW WAS STOPPED AFTER THIS SONG) ___________________________________________________________________________________ Luke Combs came all the way to Gillette, but cancelled his show 15 songs into this set because of the severe weather. Friday night was meant to be a memorable one for country music fans. People tailgated, partied, and had Luke Combs on their playlists all day. People drove from small towns all over New England to Gillette Stadium in Foxborough. However, what was supposed to be an unforgettable night of music, turned into a headliner cancellation. The Stormy Weather As fans filled the stadium with excitement and anticipation, a weather advisory was issued due to an approaching storm. Luke Combs took the stage and began his set. But then the sky darkened and the winds picked up. In the distance you could see little bolts of lightening. The show went on and Luke Comb performed with his signature energy and passion, engaging the crowd with every song. The First Hints of Trouble For Luke Combs At Gillette Luke Played 9 songs from his set list. But on the 10th one, the organizers made the tough decision to halt the show and evacuate the seating area. This happened right after an intimate performance of "This One's For You." Luke was out there in the rain, all by himself in the rain. The rain was pretty intense. It was pouring sideways and into the musical equipment of the band members. There was lightening in the distance. Fans were urged to go to sheltered positions under the concourse. [caption id="attachment_1109315" align="alignnone" width="1512"] This was the sign that encouraged everyone to take shelter underneath the concourse. The problem was, there wasn't enough room for everyone under the concourse, so many stay out in the middle of the downpouring rain.[/caption] Weather Delay and Mixed Emotions The lightning delay lasted for at least 40 minutes. That felt like an eternity for the dedicated Luke Combs fans who had traveled from far and wide to see their favorite artist in action. As the storm continued to rage, emotions ran high among the crowd. While some fans expressed understanding and concern for the safety of everyone involved, others grew increasingly frustrated and disappointed. [caption id="attachment_1109318" align="alignnone" width="1512"] This sign was up on the big screen for at least 40 minutes. They said they would keep people updated every 15 minutes, but honestly they weren't very communicative.[/caption] Luke Combs Returned, But Briefly After what seemed like an eternity, the weather conditions improved slightly, and the organizers made the decision to resume the show. Luke Combs returned to the stage to the delight of the crowd, and he began with an energetic rendition of "Where the Wild Things Are." The atmosphere was electric, and fans hoped for a miraculous turnaround. However, it wasn't meant to be. Despite his best efforts, Luke Combs was only able to perform five more songs before the storm intensified once again, and the safety concerns came back into focus. With heavy hearts, the decision was made to cancel the show for good, leaving fans crushed and yearning for more. His last song was "Beer Never Broke my Heart," and then they cancelled the show all together. While of course, it wasn't Luke's fault or his call to stop the show, it was still disappointing. [caption id="attachment_1109321" align="alignnone" width="2016"] Luke Combs sang 15 songs, but he was supposed to sing 26. Many fans were mad that they didn't get their money's worth and that he didn't sing, "When It Rains It Pours."[/caption] [caption id="attachment_1109324" align="alignnone" width="1512"] Country 102.5 morning show host, Ayla Brown, went to the show. She was completely soaked head to toe, just like everyone else.[/caption] The Backlash Of Luke Combs Fans At Gillette As fans poured out of the stadium, emotions were running high. Some fans took to social media to express their frustration. Many who commented on New England Country Music's Facebook page felt that that the openers—The Avett Brothers, David Lee Murphy, and Gary Allen—should have been the ones to bear the brunt of the weather-related cancellations. And to top it off, when people left the stadium, they sat for hours on Route 1 looking up at a clear sky. There was no rain to be seen. Just a lot of soaking wet, die hard country music fans. What Luke Had To Say Luke Combs explained that the Fire Marshall made the call to cancel the show. Here's what he wrote on Twitter. To everyone at @GilletteStadium tonight. I’d have played all damn night. You saw me out in the rain right there with you. The Fire Marshall made a call that we couldn’t play anymore for the safety of the public. I hate that shit as much as you do but there’s nothing I could do. — Luke Combs 🎤 (@lukecombs) July 22, 2023 Luke Sang Only 15 Songs Before Cancelling The Show. Here Are The Songs That He Would Have Performed If He didn't Cancel [select-listicle listicle_id="1107977" syndication_name="luke-combs-gillette-stadium-show-here-are-the-26-songs-he-will-sing" description="yes"]  

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