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Morgan Wallen can’t get to a chorus without singing about drinking on his new album. It’s true and I’m going to prove it!

Party boy and music superstar, Morgan Wallen, either loves drinking, or just loves singing about it! Morgan released his 36-track album, “One Thing At A Time,” in March of 2023. When I listened through for the first time I noticed that there were a lot of songs about drinking. There were catchy and clever metaphors about alcohol and a lot of nights finding himself in “neon bars.” (And let me be clear, those are my favorite songs of his!)

Morgan Wallen Revived Party Guy

Morgan Wallen is no stranger to the party scene. In March of 2020, he was kicked out of Kid Rock’s Big Ass Honky Tonk Rock N’ Roll Steakhouse in Nashville for being too intoxicated. He got in verbal altercations with people as nearby police officers watched. And then, who can forget the night he used a racial slur outside of his home in February of 2021? TMZ caught the moment on camera, and sadly, Morgan’s career was on thin ice with the radio industry and recording industry for almost two years.

Radio stations are playing Morgan Wallen again. His music is the most-streamed of any country artist, and his shows sell out before fans even have a fighting chance to buy a ticket.

While it seems like all of songs are about drinking, you’re pretty much correct. But, there are only TWO songs on his 36-song album that don’t have alcohol even mentioned in it! (I’ll let you scroll and see which ones they are).

Here’s Morgan Wallen’s “One Thing At A Time” album broken down by how quickly or how slowly he sings about booze/whiskey/barstools etc. Enjoy! What song do you think he sings about whiskey in the first line? See below!

  • F150-50: 129 Seconds

    “Am I holdin’ on to her tonight or just the whiskey?
    Is she better off without me or right here with me?
    Yeah, tonight, it’s lookin’ F150-50″

  • Ain't That Some: 77 Seconds

    “My true north is due south, with a blue Coors goin’ downJust like that settin’ sun on my old Z71I know it’s cliche to sing Chevrolets, cold beers and FridaysBut that’s just the way it is out here>

  • Hope That's True: 72 Seconds

    “You got drunk one night and told me I was white trash
    I was high but I guess I wasn’t high class
    Enough to show up with you on your arm
    We were never gonna be two kids on a farm”

  • Cowgirls (feat. ERNEST): 70 Seconds

    “I hate that I love the way them kisses taste like whiskey
    How they wake up, take on off and not even miss me
    Leave this heart broken, holding that smokin’ gun
    I guess that’s just the way them wild horses run
    Let ’em run”

  • Tennessee Numbers: 63 Seconds

    “Damn, it’s good to hear your voice
    Feels like it’s been forever
    Ask her how’s her mom and them
    And how’s that west coast weather?
    Yeah, I know it’s late, I’m sorry
    No, I swear I ain’t that drunk
    I know she won’t and I don’t blame her
    But if she ever picked it up
    I’d tell her it’s my fault and I still love her
    But she quit taking calls from Tennessee numbers”

  • Keith Whitley: 58 Seconds

    “Good whiskey
    Girl, it just don’t last when Keith Whitley
    Keeps bringin’ you up like that
    Gets me drinkin’ ’bout us and what it was
    The things I love got a way of gettin’ gone too soon
    Kinda like good whiskey, Keith Whitley and you”

  • Wine Into Water: 54 Seconds

    “Cause I’m here to say sorry with a to the top glass
    Of that Napa Valley vine Cabernet
    Girl, I couldn’t go to bed, let another second pass
    Without you and me being okay
    So, let’s get to the bottom of these problems
    And this bottle before that moonlight quits
    And turn this wine into water under the bridge”

  • I Deserve A Drink: 53 Seconds

    “You’re burnin’ hotter than a bourbon with no water
    And I want your buzz in my veins
    Girl, in the mornin’ you’ll walk out the door, and
    I’ll pour us back down the sink
    But tonight I deserve a drink

  • I Wrote The Book: 48 Seconds

    “But there’s one that lays by the lamp on the nightstandOne that says don’t cuss and don’t fightOr let the bottle turn you into a different manBut, damn, if I don’t do it every Friday nightThose get you into Heaven letters in redAin’t gettin’ read enough to keep me on a straight line…”

  • Thinkin' Bout Me: 43 Seconds

    “When you’re tastin’ what he’s drinkin’, are you thinkin’ ’bout me?
    When you’re ridin’ where he’s drivin’, are you missin’ my street?
    Every time you close your eyes, tell me, who do you see?
    When you’re tastin’ what he’s drinkin’, are you thinkin’ bout me?
    Comin’ over tonight, wish that truck in your drive was mine
    Just like you know it’s supposed to be”

  • 180 (Lifestyle): 42 Seconds

    “She used to show up in her high heels
    Now she’s barefoot in a Friday night field
    Turn her nose up at the whiskey
    Now she tastes like Number Seven when she kiss me
    Daddy ain’t sure about it
    She wants to move on out to who knows where
    She gots some down home, she just found it
    She got the whole town thinking that she grew up there, yeah”

  • Dying Man: 39 Seconds

    “Codeine, it got Elvis
    Whiskey, it got Hank
    I always thought something like that
    Might send me on my way
    But you took hold of me
    Like only a woman can
    And gave one good reason to live
    To a set on dying man”

  • Neon Star (Country Boy Lullaby): 29 Seconds

    “Ooh, I know I probably oughta throw a couple prayers up
    To the man upstairs
    Ooh, instead of watchin’ this bottle that was filled up
    Just disappear”

  • Tennessee Fan: 26 Seconds

    “They beat us every damn year
    It’s been a minute since we pulled out a win
    I loaded the truck down with beer
    Drove down to watch ’em do it again
    And they did so we went to the bar right after
    Met a girl with a houndstooth print of her chapter on her shirt
    And it turned into talkin’ all night
    She came back with me across the Vol’ state line”

  • Everything I Love: 25 Seconds

    “I wish I woulda met you anywhere but where I did
    Some ol’ high rise town that I won’t ever go again
    Wish we woulda rolled around in some old cab and chased them city lights
    And hit bars I don’t like”

  • In The Bible (feat HARDY): 25 Seconds

    “Paint your truck tread with some red dust
    While you kick up the long way home
    Share some bootleg with your best buds
    Wear a bit of that bonfire smoke
    If a back porch swing and twang in your words
    And settin’ that hook was a Good Book verse
    I’d be doin’ alright
    I’d know where I’s goin’ when I get to the other side ’cause
    Backroads and cold beer

  • Thought You Should Know: 25 Seconds

    “What’s goin’ on, mama?
    Something just dawned on me
    I ain’t been home in some months
    Been chasin’ songs and women
    Makin’ some bad decisions
    God knows I’m drinkin’ too much
    Yeah, I know you’ve been worrying ’bout me
    You’ve been losin’ sleep since ’93”

  • Sunrise: 25 Seconds

    “On my Fridays when it’s whiskey, I go back to Cincy
    That Ohio night you tricked me into buying all your shots
    Got your ghost up in my Chevy, shotgun lookin’ ready
    For them parties where you’d let me spin you ’round and show you off
    I been tryna get away from you for a while now
    But there ain’t no settin’ you down”

  • Had It: 23 Seconds

    “Glass on the floor, tears in your eyes
    Sheets in a mess
    Just a typical night
    Slam that door, drink that wine
    Find peace on the porch from the war inside”

  • One Thing At A Time: 21 Seconds

    “Somebody hand me a cigarette
    I know I ain’t had one in over a week
    Somebody pour me a double shot
    Been gettin’ better by the day, but tonight I drink”

  • Don't Think Jesus: 19 Seconds

    “Boy gets a guitar and starts writin’ songs
    ‘Bout whiskey and women and gettin’ too stoned
    He got all three at the first show he played
    Hometown said, ‘I don’t think Jesus done it that way'”

  • Whiskey Friends: 16 Seconds

    “Yeah, I’m always down for two beers
    That ain’t nothing new here
    It’s usually what I do here, but not tonight
    Yeah, we had a bad one
    Way worse than the last one
    Ain’t no comin’ back from this goodbye”

  • Born With A Beer In My Hand: 15 Seconds

    “Granddaddy drank Heavy and daddy drank LightI can turn any day to Saturday night, if I want toAnd most the time I want to”

  • Outlook: 15 Seconds

    “I used to think that it was me against the world, but it wasn’t
    Thought drinkin’ from a glass half empty made it better, but it doesn’t
    Funny all the things you realize
    When that 20/20 hindsight vision opens up your eyes”

  • Man Made A Bar (feat. Eric Church): 15 Seconds

    Sat down on a barstool, like a dern fool
    ‘Cause she walked out again
    Bartender said, “I got you
    Yeah, ’cause I too, have been in your boots, my friend
    Opened up back in ’85, got me over my first wife
    Been staying busy since the first night
    It’s a story old as time”

  • Me + All Your Reasons: 15 Seconds

    “Smoke on my clothes, liquor on my breath
    Devil on my shoulder, strangers in my bed
    Pills in my pocket, ashes on the floor
    These bad decisions keep on knockin’ on my door
    I know you think you left me all alone
    I hate to say you couldn’t be more wrong, got
    Copenhagen, whiskey straight, and
    Empty bottle, promise breakin’…”

  • Money On Me: 15 Seconds

    “If you’re lookin’ for a drink, if you’re lookin’ for a dance
    If you’re lookin’ for a wreck in your Friday night plans
    Lookin’ for your name in a heart on the wall
    Lookin’ for a number you ain’t ever gonna call again
    I got ya, I’ll type it in
    But, baby, if you’re looking for”

  • Good Girl Gone Missin': 14 Seconds

    Bar lights
    Bar stool
    Too many
    One fool
    Long neck
    Long hair
    Last call, we the first ones outta there
    Coulda been the right one
    But it went wrong, wrong, wrong
    And I bet I know just what to blame it on”

  • Me To Me: 13 Seconds

    “Say you want a little wild in your Friday
    Kinda sick of this same old scene
    This neon leaves you lonely, baby
    I know what you mean”

  • Last Night: 12 Seconds

    “Last night we let the liquor talk
    I can’t remember everything we said but we said it all
    You told me that you wish I was somebody you never met
    But baby, baby somethin’s tellin’ me this ain’t over yet
    No way it was our last night”

  • Devil Didn't Know: 10 Seconds

    “There’s a bottle on a King James coaster
    Miller Lite full of cigarettes
    Too drunk to be hungover
    Last night still on my breath”

  • Single Than She Was: 10 Seconds

    “She had two beers on the counter when I found her
    That neon wrapped right around her like a smoky halo
    We talked for almost an hour over sours
    I told her, ‘Girl, tell me how you’re in this bar all alone?'”

  • You Proof: 9 Seconds

    “Yeah, I’ve been throwin’ down the whiskey
    I ought to get my money back
    Someone said it drowns the memory
    Aw, but it ain’t doin’ Jack
    Yeah, I’ve been sippin’, I’ve been buzzin’
    Shootin’ doubles like it’s nothin’
    Aw, but nothin’ makes you go away”

  • Days That End In Why: 9 Seconds

    “Been playin’ twenty questions with twenty-four cans
    24/7 ’til I understand
    I sent a prayer up for a helpin’ hand
    But it musta got stopped by the ceilin’ fan I’m staring at
    In this half full bed
    Looking for a reason that
    I ain’t found yet”

  • '98 Braves: NO ALCOHOL

  • Last Drive Down Main: NO ALCOHOL

  • Our Favorite Morgan Wallen Merchandise

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