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My Mother-In-Law Kisses My Children On The Lips And It Grosses Me Out

Philip has two young kids and his mother-in-law is very affectionate with them. She kisses them on the lips hello and it creeps him out. Philip isn’t sure if its justified or if he’s the one being weird.

Check Out Philip’s Call About His Affectionate Mother-In-Law

Jonathan: For panic button today we have Philip. Hey, Philip.

Philip: Hey there. Hey.

Danielle: Hi.

Jonathan: So, Philip, you have a bit of a problem with the way that your in laws express love around your children. It sounds way worse than it is the way I described it. So hopefully that sets you up pretty well. What’s going on?

Philip: Yeah. Well, I don’t know if it’s really a problem. Maybe that’s what I’m going to find out here today. I love my family. I love my wife. I’ve got two kids. They’re five and three. And my in laws are a great help.

Danielle: Right

Philip: You know, they’re able to watch the kids, and we get to go and do things. But whenever we go over there, they show a lot of affection. You know, they’re really affectionate with the kids. But the my mother-in-law kisses them on the lips.

Danielle: Oh

Philip: And the first time I saw it, it ust kind of struck me as odd. But it happens every time. And I can imagine, like a kiss on the cheek, but I don’t know it just seems a little much to me. It may be problematic. I don’t know if it’s just me or what.

Jonathan: It’s just a peck, right?

Danielle: Well, yeah, she’s not lingering.

Jonathan: I’m just making sure.  I mean because I’m trying to see. So it’s just a quick peck on the lips.

Philip: I would say one substantial smooch and then then it separates.

Jonathan: Right. OK. So you have a problem with this and not because you obviously don’t think anything untoward of it. But it just bothers you like it’s too intimate or what?

Philip: Well, yeah, and I’m trying to think it through like should I have a problem with this? Should I not?

Jonathan: Let me ask you this. Do the kids have a problem with it?

Philip: No, but I guess maybe I’m afraid that they might.

Jonathan: OK.

Philip: They might pick up that this is a normal way to embrace somebody you know. I mean, it’s done with love. Of course. I have no doubt of that.

Jonathan: Ohh. OK, right.

Philip:  I don’t know.  The optics of it are strange. My mother-in-law has a picture up on her Facebook of her, kissing my five year old on the lips.

Jonathan: Well, let me ask, was she posting the picture? Obviously, Facebook didn’t take it down. But did anybody say anything like that seems inappropriate or what?

Philip: Well, no. And I think probably her friends are a little limited to her age. It’s not her grandma. So they’re all saying that’s so sweet. That’s great. Thumbs up. So there was no negative reaction to it there.

Jonathan: Right, they probably think it’s adorable.

Danielle: OK.

Jonathan: I’m on your side, Philip. Because I would also if my in laws were doing this with my children, especially the 15 year old, I would be a little bit weirded out by it too. But I’m just like you. I don’t know why it would bother me.

Danielle: For no reason.

Philip: Furthermore.

Jonathan: I hate that feeling. Because you feel like a jerk. It’s like they’re not doing anything wrong but it still bothers me.

Philip: And then what do I say?

Jonathan: Is it other people’s perception?

Danielle: Is that weird to you?

Jonathan: Maybe or just the optics of it. Just the fact that I wouldn’t want to be kissed on the lips by my grandmother? I don’t know. What do you guys think? Are you a lip kissing family?

Danielle: Yeah.

Jonathan: Or is that verboten? That’s Philip’s problem. His in laws. Well, you just said your mother-in-law. Not your father-in-law.

Philip: You know what I think? I may have seen him do it once.

Danielle: OK.

Jonathan: So he might be doing it too. They kiss Philip’s children on the lips. A 5 year old and a three-year old. Is that wrong? Is he wrong to be kind of grossed out by. Philip, thank you so much.

Philip: Yeah. You’re welcome.

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