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Country Mornings with Jonathan & Ayla

Process of creating tattoo in form of black flower. Master does work in sterile gloves

Paige’s boyfriend got her name tattooed on him and thinks its great, but she’s freaked out because she’s not sure she is going to stay with him. Is getting someone’s name tattooed on you the kiss of death? Or is it romantic to get your special someone’s name tattoed on you. Ladies, would you be happy or freaked out if your man got your name tattooed on him?

Ayla Brown: And good morning, Paige. Okay, let’s talk about tattoos, because I hear that there’s a new tattoo in your life. What happened? What is it? Where is it? Give me all the details.

Paige: Oh, my God. I’ve been dating this guy, Sam, for about two and a half years, and I love him. He’s amazing. I’m so happy. But we’re still in the honeymoon stage. He’s really tall. He’s pretty clean cut. He’s kind of preppy. He doesn’t have any tattoos. And I like that about him because I feel like everybody has tattoos nowadays.

Ayla Brown: I agree. And I know a lot of people listening right now wouldn’t assume it, but your girl, Ayla has three tattoos. I have three. Which is crazy to think about because I’m the most clean cut person as well. All right. I agree. Almost everyone has them, I feel like.

Paige: So I feel like it’s almost more rare. I mean, that’s pretty cool that you have three, but I feel like it’s more rare to find somebody who doesn’t have any and I don’t have any. Anyway, so he went on this little boy’s trip this weekend and he comes back with a freaking tattoo on his arm.

Ayla Brown: Well, that’s not that big of a deal, is it?

Paige: Well, okay, so he got a tattoo of my name.

Ayla Brown: No, he didn’t.

Paige: He did. And by the way I’m flattered. But also I don’t know if this is a forever relationship. I’m still in my early twenties and we’re happy right now. But is that the kiss of death for a relationship getting your partner’s name tattooed?

Ayla Brown: I feel like that with the people that I’ve heard of. I had this girl that I went to college with. She was on the field hockey team and she and a guy on the baseball team loved each other so much. They each got the other person’s name tattooed on their arms. And guess what? By the end of senior year, they were broken up and they had to get them removed. What I’m trying to say is the people I know in my life, it never works out when you get the other person’s name tattooed. So what did you say? What was your reaction? Is he going to keep it? Are you going to break up with him? Like what is happening?

Paige: Well, he’s thrilled and now he’s acting all macho and stuff. He has this secret on his arm.

Ayla Brown: Wow. Well, would you rather your name or would you rather, you know how men get mom tattooed with a heart? Either way, you don’t like the tattoos. So I guess the question you have for me is, who the heck else out there has another person’s name tattooed? And does the relationship still work and what to do next

Paige: Oh, gosh. Thank you so much.

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