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Country Mornings with Jonathan & Ayla

Country Mornings with Jonathan & Ayla

Sierra’s fiancé wants to bring edibles to his work Christmas party’s Yankee Swap, but she’s worried he will get in trouble and possibly lose his job. Would you ever bring something like weed to a company party, let alone enter it in a Yankee Swap?

Jonathan: Today for panic button we’ve got Ciara on. You have a bit of a problem because you’re a total square. Sierra let’s just be honest. You’re not hip like I am to the wonders of jazz cabbage. So what’s going on there, Sierra?

Sierra: My God. So my fiancé works for this company. It’s a corporate company. And they have a Christmas party this weekend, and they’re doing a Yankee swap. And he said that he’s going to bring weed, like, gummies.

Jonathan: Real quick, you said it’s a corporate company. So he wears a suit to work type of place.

Sierra: Yeah.

Ayla: So I’m thinking maybe State Street somewhere down in the Boston Financial district. You don’t need to tell us because I know you don’t want to put him on blast.

Jonathan: Right. Okay.

Ayla: Yeah. So he works in an upscale scale job.

Sierra: Yeah, exactly. So I am completely freaking out because I just feel like he’s being an idiot and he’s going to get fired. And I don’t know, I just think that bringing edibles to the Yankee swamp is unprofessional. And he totally disagrees with me. He says people bring wine all the time. So he’s saying it’s the same thing.

Jonathan: Okay. It’s kind of the same, is it not?

Ayla: I don’t think so. I mean, I know it’s legal now here. But federally it’s not.

Jonathan: Well, if this is a party at the FBI building, then I guess it can be a problem.

Ayla: Maybe.

Jonathan: Maybe that’s where he works for the FBI.

Ayla: Does he? If he does, he didn’t tell her.

Jonathan: Well, he said it was corporate. I don’t know. That’s the CIA is known as the company.

Ayla: We work for a corporation, right? Could you imagine someone bringing in edibles?

Jonathan: I could see that at our Yankee swap. Absolutely.

Ayla: I think our bosses would freak out.

Jonathan: And half the people in this building show up to work “Yankee swapped.”

Ayla: No, they don’t.

Jonathan: They do.

Ayla: They don’t.

Jonathan: All right. So I think his argument is very valid, though. If people bring wine, why can’t I bring weed at least? I’m not bringing something that people might be in rehab for. Well, I guess some people might be in rehab for weed, but not nearly as many. And it’s not nearly as destructive.

Ayla: But it’s about the image.

Jonathan: All right. So, Sierra, you’re just trying to save him, right?

Sierra: Yeah. I mean, I’m just super worried for him. He says his company isn’t as uptight as I think that it is. But I know my cousin works in HR for that company and she doesn’t think that it’s a good idea.

Jonathan: Oh, ok.

Sierra: I think he just thinks that it’s funny and I’m just super worried, you know?

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