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Hot dogs for game day, super bowl food

Melony is on a great new diet and is loving the results. She went with her husband to a Super Bowl party where they only served unhealthy foods, so there was nothing for her to eat. By the end of the football game she was starving, so when it went into overtime, she insisted it was time to go. Now he’s angry that he missed the end of the football game because she needed to leave the party to eat.

Jonathan: Today for panic button we have Melony. Hey, Melony.

Melony: Hey.

Jonathan: So you were at a Super Bowl party the other night, I believe. I guess it would be Sunday night. And you caused a bit of a scene during the party. What happened?

Melony: Yeah, I did. My husband’s really mad at me. I’ve been on a diet in the new year. It was part of my New Year’s resolution that I really did. Watching what I’m eating, you know?

Ayla: Good for you, girl. Yeah, yeah.

Melony: And it’s working. I’m seeing results. I feel like I have more energy. I just feel healthier. And the problem was we went to a Super Bowl party, and there was nothing healthy to eat. It was only greasy pizza and deep fried Oreos. Not even a veggie platter.

Jonathan: At a Super Bowl party? I mean, come on, you need a veggie platter.

Ayla: One veggie platter at all parties. That’s the number one rule of hosting.

Melony: I know, you go to a Super Bowl party and it’s a time commitment. You’re there for several hours.

Ayla: A long time.

Melony: And there was just nothing I could eat. I just got so hungry. It was really bad, to the point I said to my husband I have to go. I need to get food. We have to leave. So long story short, he ended up missing overtime, the big ending.

Jonathan: He missed the play where the Chiefs won the game at the end?

Melony: Yeah.

Ayla: So when did you ask him to leave? At the end of the fourth?

Melony: Before they tied it up and everything. So it seemed like it was kind of safe to go.

Jonathan: He thought it was safe to go with Patrick Mahomes? I’m getting mad. Okay. Was your husband invested in the game emotionally? Is he a Niners or Chiefs fan?

Melony: He’s a big Chiefs fan.

Ayla: So he missed the biggest moment.

Jonathan: Possibly the best moment of the Super Bowl. Or for the Chiefs ever.

  • So Did She Leave Without Him?

    Ayla: And I think it was like one of the first times it went into overtime. But I also get being on a very strict eating program and being hangry and needing to leave. And you had already committed so many hours to being at a Super Bowl party. So, I mean, I get it. You said you can get an Uber, right? Like you were just going to leave.

    Melony: Well, I said I could go you could get a ride home later. Yeah, exactly. But we went together.

    Jonathan: Yeah, have one of these drunks at the party drive you home or Uber.

    Ayla: And he said no..

    Jonathan: You couldn’t wait just the 30 or 40 minutes.

    Melony: I. I did not feel good. I was like, I have to eat.

    Jonathan: Okay. Why couldn’t you have eaten something at the party, like just a little bit of something.

    Melony: It was just junk food.

    Jonathan: Okay. Have you ever heard of a cheat day?

    Ayla: Yeah, but she didn’t want to ruin it. I’ve been there when I was doing the Center for Wellbeing thing. I was so strict. At restaurants I’d be like, excuse me, you can’t cook with oil.

    Jonathan: You were telling the chef they couldn’t cook with the oil?

    Ayla: Yes I had to specify. Listen, when you do something so strategic and tight, you’ve just got to do what you’ve got to do.

    Jonathan: All right. I think you’re both insane.

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