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Ricky’s brother is dating a girl everyone hates, but he got her pregnant. He decided to have them over for an expensive steak dinner to try and get to know her. But she said that the smell of the expensive steaks he cooked was making her nauseas and she threw them out while he wasn’t looking. Should he give her another chance, or is that just confirmation that she’s awful? What would you do if someone threw out the expensive steak dinner you made for them?

Ayla Brown: And good morning to Ricky. Welcome to the show. I hear you want to talk about steak. So what’s going on with steak?

Ricky: So it’s really about my brother.

Ayla Brown: My bad, I really read that email wrong.

Ricky: So he’s dating this girl now, and everyone in my family hates her. They just cannot stand her. They don’t want him to be with her. But he got her pregnant. Now he’s kind of I don’t want to say stuck with her, but he’s kind of staying with her partially because of that. He feels like he has to..

Ayla Brown: Okay. This is definitely not about steak.

Ricky: I figured everyone in my family hates her. Maybe I can get to know her a little bit better and find out she’s not that bad and tell my family, Hey, look, she’s actually a great girl. Whatever. So I decide to try to be a supportive brother and invite them over to my house for dinner. I went all out. I bought all this expensive food. I cooked it all myself.

Ayla Brown: And you bought steak?

Ricky: And I bought steak? Yes.

Ayla Brown: Enter steak into the story. I’m just hungry. I’m sorry. So what happened with the dinner?

Ricky: They come over and the second I open the door, she is like, Oh, my God, this smell. Oh, the food. I can’t. I can’t. She just kept saying, I can’t. I can’t even. Oh, like. Oh, my God. It’s just, you know, steak. But she’s pregnant, so it was a problem.

Ayla Brown: Sure, it was the pregnancy. I mean, Ricky, maybe you just aren’t good at cooking steak. I don’t know.

Ricky: Yeah, I know how to cook a steak.

Ayla Brown: Oh, okay. Sorry.

Ricky: I know how to cook a steak. So she is like, Oh, I can’t stand it. The smell is terrible. I can’t eat that. You know, I was in a weird spot. I felt like I’ve spent all this money, put all this work into this food. And she’s like, Can I can we just order Chinese food?

Ayla Brown: Yeah, Like that doesn’t smell.

Ricky: I felt like that was kind of rude, but I was like, You know what? It’s a first impression. So I was like, Yeah, I’ll order Chinese food for you guys. But I spent all this money. I wanted to eat the steak, so I was going to eat the steak. And I was about to start setting up for dinner and I turned around. She threw the stakes in the trash.

Ayla Brown: What?

Ricky: Yeah. She’s like, Oh, I’m so sorry, there’s plenty of Chinese food if you want to just eat Chinese food.

Ayla Brown: And then what happened? I feel like this isn’t the end of the story.

Ricky: Well, I mean, she threw away probably over $100 worth of food, and it took me a couple hours to make all the food. She just threw it away. So I’m like, okay, my family’s right. This girl’s awful. And I don’t know what to do, to be honest with you.

Ayla Brown: Did you kick him out of the house?

Ricky: No, We. ate Chinese.

Ayla Brown: You did? You’re a good man. Good man. This is interesting, though, because everyone already hated her in the family.

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