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Country Mornings with Jonathan & Ayla

Country Mornings with Jonathan & Ayla

Steamed red lobster on a wooden cutting board with parsley and lemon

Chris has a co-worker who brings a live lobster with him to work every day and cooks it in the office kitchen. He got tired of seeing a live lobster in the fridge every morning, so he took it and set it free in the parking lot

Ayla Brown: And good morning to Chris. I’m really excited. I glanced at an email that said lobster with about six exclamation marks, and I was like, Oh, are we having lobster today? And Jim assured me that that is not the case. And instead we needed to call you. What happened with lobster at work?

Chris: Yeah, I’m a little steamed. Okay, so I have a coworker. You know, our office has a kitchen, so you can go in there and you can make your food and bring your food and heat it up. Everybody’s free to use it. The bosses okayed everything. But we have a coworker. His name is Kevin, and a few times a week he brings in lobster.

Ayla Brown: That’s nice. Like lobster rolls?

Chris: No, no, no. A live lobster. Like he’ll cook a lobster. He has a pot underneath the cabinet.

Ayla Brown: He has his own pot?

Chris: He’s got his own pot. He cleans it whenever he’s done. A couple of times a week, he’ll come in at noon. Right on the dot. That’s his lunch. He’ll come in, put the lobster in the pot. He’ll cook the live lobster there, eat it, clean up, and then go about his day after his lunch break is over.

Ayla Brown: I have a question for you, Chris. Does he bring it into work like at 9 a.m. Like in the paper bag?

Chris: Oh, yeah. He puts it in the fridge. He puts in the refrigerator.

Ayla Brown: With all of your other stuff, like with someone’s Panera, and then it’s like, Oh, there’s Kevin’s lobster. Good morning. Kevin’s lobster.

Chris: It stinks up a lot of things in the refrigerator because, you know, it’s seafood. Okay? So if everybody’s food in there, then he cooks it. So it stinks up the kitchen because he’s cooking lobster and seafood,

Ayla Brown: Which is live animal. That is so funny.

Chris: Yeah. So one day, we had enough, and I took it upon myself to do the right thing, which was when he put the lobster in the fridge in the morning. I went in there, took it out, went outside to free the lobster went about my day.

Ayla Brown: What do you mean, freed the lobster? You put it back in the ocean?

Chris: No, no, I just let it go outside. There’s a little grassy area, so I just took the lobster, let it out on the grass, and went about my day, went back inside.

Ayla Brown: My heart just dropped. This is a little live lobster. You just let it out on the grass for it to just die.

Chris: It was going to die anyway. I mean, he was going to cook it. It was gonna die either way. I’m well aware that the lobster probably died real soon. So, you know, I don’t feel bad. It’s on Kevin now. Maybe he’ll get the point.

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