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Country Mornings with Jonathan & Ayla

Country Mornings with Jonathan & Ayla

Tracey’s daughter is marrying a die hard Red Sox fan who wants them to wear matching Red Sox uniforms for their wedding. But Tracey thinks she is making a huge mistake by saying yes because she will regret not having the wedding she always dreamed about. Could you imagine attending a wedding where the groom AND the bride were dressed in Red Sox uniforms?

Ayla Brown: Tracey. Hi. You are a mother of the bride. How are you? Thanks for calling in.

Tracey: To be perfectly honest, I’ve been better. This whole wedding thing is kind of becoming problematic.

Ayla Brown: Oh, okay. I love a good dramatic situation involving a wedding. So what happened or what’s happening?

Tracey: So it’s my daughter who’s getting married, and her husband is just the biggest Red Sox fan. Like, completely die hard. Fenway season tickets. He proposed there in fact. They have memorabilia all around her house.

Ayla Brown: This is giving me very “Fever Pitch” vibes with Jimmy Fallon and with Drew Barrymore. Oh, Jim, your favorite person, Drew Barrymore. She’s in that movie. So, yes, keep going. They’re huge Red Sox fans. Or is he just a huge Red Sox fan?

Tracey: I mean, she likes the Red Sox, but he bleeds red, as they say. But he’s convinced her to wear Red Sox uniforms at the wedding. Not just the reception. Like she’s going to walk down the aisle with him in a Red Sox uniform.

Ayla Brown: Excuse me. No. “And starting at first base down the aisle. The mother in law of the bride, Tracy. Wow. Coming around home plate.” Okay, I can see this is weird. I’ve never heard of anything like this happening. So what is she saying? Is she telling her fiancée no way? I’m not wearing a Red Sox uniform on my wedding day.

Tracey: She came clean to me and said that she doesn’t necessarily want to do this, that it’s the only thing that he’s asked for.

Ayla Brown: Oh, my God.

Tracey: And it’s such a huge thing to him that she’s kind of like, yeah, well, you know, he’s such a great guy and it’s just one thing.

Ayla Brown: Why does he have to go this extreme? Oh, my God. And so she’s agreed to it. She says, All right, I love you. I want to make you happy. It’s the only thing that you’ve asked for. So I’m going to do it. What are you thinking now, Mom Tracy.

Tracey: My daughter’s crazy. You absolutely can’t go through with this. Put your foot down. I don’t care if this is the one thing that you’ve asked for. This is preposterous. Oh, I just can’t wrap my head around even entertaining the notion, let alone actually going through with it. And also not for nothing, this is my daughter, my only daughter. I have waited for the moment to help her pick out her wedding dress my entire life. So I don’t think it’s very fair to me. I’m denied this experience that every other mother gets.

Ayla Brown: No, you could go pick out what color uniform and what number she’s going to wear on the back. I need to know from people listening right now, is this crazy? This is crazy, right? Like we all agree. This is insane. Or maybe not. Maybe you’ve seen something crazier at a wedding, which we’ll definitely talk about. But how does Tracy navigate this? How does she shake her daughter and say, Girl, wake up. You do not want to wear a Red Sox jersey on your wedding day.

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