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Elora’s ex-boyfriend moved out two years ago, but never stopped paying the cable bill…. Until this past weekend when her cable went out in the middle of the Patriots game. Her current boyfriend was so annoyed that he left with his friends to watch the game somewhere else. Elora is angry because her ex was so awful that she feels like he still owes her and should still be paying her bills for her. Would you expect an ex to be paying the cable bill a full two years after breaking up with you?

Ayla Brown: Good morning, Elora. Hey, thank you for sending me a message. And I’m glad we got a time to finally chit chat about what happened at the Patriots game. Or at least while you were watching it last Sunday.

Elora: Yeah, I was. I was having a party so that we could watch the Patriots game. My boyfriend and some other friends were there, and during the second quarter, the game just goes off.

Ayla Brown: On your TV.

Elora: Yeah, my TV went off like halfway through the game.

Ayla Brown: Oh, that sucks.

Elora: And I tried to get it back.

Ayla Brown: How was that? Okay?

Elora: Yeah, it was terrible. And everybody else got frustrated with me. So they left. They went to go watch the game elsewhere. So it ruined my party.

Ayla Brown: And you were trying your internet, trying the router, trying to figure out exactly what’s going on. You’re probably calling your Internet provider being like, Where is the game?

Elora: Yeah, I called them. I was trying to unplug and re plug. Everybody was just filing out and it ended up just being me and I couldn’t get the internet back on. And come to find out, my ex decided that he wasn’t going to pay for our internet anymore, even though he was responsible for it because we broke up and he was a jerk. And I told him he has to pay for the internet, his internet and my interest because I just felt like I was owed that after all that I went through with in our relationship.

Ayla Brown: And he agreed to it for how long? So he was paying the cable bill? For how long?

Elora: So we broke up like two years ago. But he’s been paying for my cable because I was owed that.

Ayla Brown: Because you were owed that. Okay. He must have cheated on you or something?

Elora: He did everything under the sun, anything imaginable. He was just a terrible person. He was a cheater. He was rude to me all the time. And cable is an understatement. I should have got more out of him.

Ayla Brown: Okay. But you did get it for two years free, correct?

Elora: I mean, yes.

Ayla Brown: And you’re dating a new guy and he and all of his friends and your friends were over at your place. And then the cable goes out and that was embarrassing for you. But you think, well, my ex should still be paying for my cable because of what he put me through. Am I correct?

Elora: Yes. And he’s clearly still the jerk because he turned it off in the middle of the game.

Ayla Brown: Did he tell you he was turning it off or did this just come out of the blue?

Elora: No.

Ayla Brown: Nothing. Nothing. Not a single warning shot was fired. He just pulled the plug and no internet during the Patriots game. I mean, I saw the Pats game. You didn’t miss much, but I’m just saying it’s still a mood killer. So basically, you want to know if you should forever get paid free cable, right? I mean, is that the deal? Like, because your ex treated you so badly, Do you think that she should cash in as much as possible? If someone treated you badly, would you try and get everything you could for as long as you could? That’s the question for today. Thank you, Alora, for your call.

Elora: Thank you.

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