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Country Mornings with Jonathan & Ayla

Country Mornings with Jonathan & Ayla

Bride leg pulls groom at the wedding.

Sergio’s worried his 7 year old daughter won’t be at his wedding. His fiancé and ex-wife don’t get along at all. She doesn’t want his ex-wife at their wedding, but Sergio wants his 7 year old daughter there and his ex won’t send the daughter alone. How should Sergio handle this situation so his 7 year old can be at his wedding?

Ayla Brown: And good morning to Sergio. Now we have kind of an interesting theme that has blossomed this week about red flags. And you actually texted us saying, I have a major red flag that I want to talk about. So thank you for calling in. What is going on? Talk to me about the wedding that you might or might not be going through now.

Sergio: Yeah. It’s definitely a red flag, but it might be a little late for me because I’m already engaged.

Ayla Brown: Okay, What’s happening?

Sergio: Well, first of all, this would be my second marriage. I’ve been married before, and I have a daughter with my ex-wife. Okay? She’s seven years old. Obviously, I love her to death. Things didn’t work out with me and her mother. That happened, as you know. But my current fiancé and my ex-wife hate each other. They hate each other.

Ayla Brown: Why is it that that’s the case? Like there’s always emotions are involved. I get it. I would be weird about that, too. I would definitely be one of those people that would just be uncomfortable, even though I seem so cool with emotions and then the other person you loved moves on with someone new. It’s hard.

Sergio: Yeah, but it goes both ways too though, because my current fiancée has a lot of animosity towards my ex-wife and my daughter’s mother. You know, she says that our relationship, mine with my ex-wife, is inappropriate. She doesn’t like us talking. But we have a kid together. We have to co-parent. There’s a lot of talking that’s involved. I mean, I can’t ghost my ex-wife. That’s my daughter’s mother, you know? So, it’s just created so much tension. And now I’m engaged to this new woman. I love her very much. She loves me. That’s not going to change. I don’t see that changing. But she doesn’t want my ex wife at the wedding. She thinks that’s inappropriate.

Ayla Brown: Oh, my gosh. Yeah.

Sergio: She thinks that’s completely crossing a line.

Ayla Brown: But can your daughter come to the wedding still?

Sergio: Well, this is the problem. Because on the other end, my ex-wife says if she isn’t allowed at the wedding, then my daughter can’t come as well because she feels like no one will be watching my daughter.

Ayla Brown: Exactly.

Sergio: And my daughter is seven years old. She’s not you know, she’s not a baby. You know, she understands what a wedding is. She wants to be there. We already have her slated to be the flower girl. But now I’m in this rock and a hard place, no win situation, you know? And my daughter’s mother and my current fiancé basically have me in this. They have their guns drawn in this Mexican standoff. And I’m the only one that’s going to get shot.

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