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Form of prenuptial agreement with a pair of wedding rings

Monica’s fiancé handed her a manila envelope right before they were about to get married and it had a prenup inside it. He thinks it’s completely reasonable to protect his assets, but Monica thinks its an awful way to start their life together. Does a prenup mean he doesn’t trust her? Should she still go through with the wedding? Would you sign a prenup?

Ayla Brown: Hey, Monica. Good morning. And congratulations on the engagement. I hear you have something that you want to chat with me about. What is it?

Monica: Yes. And thank you so much. I’m in love with my fiancé. So we just got engaged three and a half months ago, and we’ve been together for four years. So finally he popped the question.

Ayla Brown: After all the waiting and wondering, I get it. All right. So congrats. That’s awesome. About time. Marc or whatever his name is. What is his name, by the way?

Monica: Parker.

Ayla Brown: Oh, Parker. Okay. Congrats. Parker.

Monica: Yeah. There’s a little bit of something, though, that’s making me question a few things.

Ayla Brown: Okay, So let me know. What is it?

Monica: The other day he had this manila envelope, and he’s just said…. Hey, babe, I’ve got something I want to talk to you about, and I’m curious to see what the manila envelope is all about. And so he’s like, Hey, we should have a prenup because everyone in 2023 are doing it.

Ayla Brown: He put a prenup in front of you. And he said, Hey, it’s 2023. A lot of people are doing prenups. And I’ve drafted one up. Here you go.

Monica: Well he was respectful about it. He has like his own house, which I’ve been living in for a while, you know? So he has some pretty nice assets.

Ayla Brown: That he wants to protect.

Monica: That he wants to protect, which I get. But it makes me really wonder if he really loves me.

Ayla Brown: Of course. Right.

Monica: But also, it’s just like a thing right?

Ayla Brown: Yeah. Because you’re like, I’m in this for love. And he just got a prenup. That means he’s doubting me or doubting this relationship somehow. Isn’t that what a prenup means? If we get divorced, you get your assets, and I go away with mine. So that’s a really good question Thank you, Monica. Good luck and congrats anyway.

Monica: Thank you.

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