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My Girlfriend Farted In Front Of Me For The First Time In Bed Last Night And I Can’t Get Past It

Carlos’s girlfriend farted in front of him for the first time in bed and he was disgusted by it. He can’t stop thinking about it and he’s wondering if he can ever be attracted to her again. Ladies, is Carlos being crazy here? Guys would you break up over your girlfriend farting in bed? Would you freak out if she let one slip in bed? Who is right here?


Do You Remember The First Time Your Girlfriend Farted In Front Of You? Here’s Carlos’ story


Ayla Brown: Do you smell what the Rock is cooking? I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Good morning, Carlos. What is going on? Please explain yourself and what’s going on in the bed with smelling.

Carlos: Oh, you know, honestly, I don’t even know why I even called about this.

Ayla Brown: But you did.

Carlos: I know. So me and my girl, right? Jess, That’s her name. And we’ve been dating for about a year. And the thing is that I love her. Don’t me wrong. Like, there’s no issues with the relationship and whatnot. But the other night she farted in the bed.

Ayla Brown: Okay? Like while she was sleeping?

Carlos: Well, yeah, we were sleeping. And then in the middle of the night, it was just this large… this large frickin, you know…..

Ayla Brown: Okay, So, I mean, it happens, especially if she was actually asleep. Was she asleep or did she wake up?

Carlos: Honestly, because I woke up from it and oh, my gosh, it was even towards my direction and nonetheless, like, whoa, like you could at least face the wall.

Ayla Brown: Okay, So honestly, I cannot believe I’m asking these questions on a scale from 1 to 10, what is the number we’re talking about in terms of bad, you know, is it ten?

Carlos: Eleven

Ayla Brown: Eleven? What did you guys have for dinner?

Carlos: You know, they say silent but deadly. You hear it. It’s loud and deadly, like the combination of the both.

Ayla Brown: Why are you calling in about this, putting her on blast on this poor radio station? Are you kidding me right now? Is she listening?

Carlos: I’m not. It’s disgusting, okay? I’m turned off by it. I can’t get it out of my head.

Ayla Brown: Okay, well, you know, she was sleeping and she probably didn’t know it was happening. And all people fart sometimes when they sleep.

Carlos: I mean, I don’t know. It’s just weird.

Ayla Brown: Carlos, have you farted? Have you farted at all around her?

Carlos: Well, of course

Ayla Brown: But it’s not okay for her to do it around you.

Carlos: Well, listen, It’s cause I’m a guy, right? So you kind of expect this sort of thing.

Ayla Brown: Yeah, I guess. And I also expected that you’re putting her on blast. This poor girl. Oh, my gosh. So what are you calling to know about? Are you just asking if this is gross and you should break up with her? You guys have been dating a year? She farted while you were smoking.

Carlos: Break up with her over this. But, like, how do I get this out of my head? I guess now I’m looking at her differently. A little bit.

Ayla Brown: You are?

Carlos: It’s just weird now. I just don’t want to explain. It’s just now I have an image of just her farting.

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