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Country Mornings with Jonathan & Ayla

Country Mornings with Jonathan & Ayla

Funny fat male in pink glasses and in a pink t-shirt is engaged on a treadmill in the gym depicting a girl. 4k.

Tiffany was running on a treadmill at the gym for a long time, because it was off-peak hours and there was no one there. Suddenly a gym creeper confronted her because she was on his favorite treadmill and he wanted to use it. She got off because there were others she could use and she didn’t want a confrontation, but now he is stalking her at the gym and making her uncomfortable. Should Tiffany let this gym creeper ruin her happy place, or confront him?

Ayla Brown: And good morning, Tiffany. How are you? Are you calling me from the gym parking lot right now?

Tiffany: Fortunately not. I’m taking a little break.

Ayla Brown: I heard the gym question and it’s been a while since I’ve stepped foot in a gym, but it is like the wild, wild West. Like the stuff that goes down in public gyms is weird. So what happened with you?

Tiffany: Well, you’re preaching to the choir. Okay? I mean, I love running. I’m an avid runner. And just because, you know, in Boston winter is a little bit temperamental, I just know that I can go to the gym and always be at least comfortable. And, at my gym, they have a 30 minute limit for all of the equipment, and I’m pretty mindful of that, except my job is very flexible. I can go in the afternoon when there’s nobody there.

Ayla Brown: So they have they have a limit for all throughout the day or just during peak times.

Tiffany: Yeah, you’re right. It’s during peak hours. So I’m there in the afternoon, which I would say is off peak hours. I don’t think anybody would mind. And honestly, there’s nobody else there. It’s really nice. I have the place basically to myself. So I hop on the treadmill and I just get lost in the zone. I like to run for an hour, hour and a half, maybe because it’s just like how I unwind.

Ayla Brown: That’s what you and Jim do. You guys should go to the gym together. That’s so cute. Running buddies each run for an hour and a half. I can’t even sit down for that long, but bless you both. Bless your heart. So what happened when you were on the treadmill.

Tiffany: So it’s just a regular day. I think I’m about an hour in and I really thought I was all by myself. But then all of a sudden, this this guy, this gym creeper, comes up to me and he’s pointing out that I’m past the 30 minute limit and I’m just a little bit confused because there’s ten other open treadmills. Okay. So I think maybe he’s joking at first. So I’m just nervous laughs. But he goes on to say that this is my favorite treadmill. I cannot run on any of the other tracks.

Ayla Brown: The one that you are running on is his favorite and needed that one?

Tiffany: Yeah, it’s in the optimal spot of the room or something.

Ayla Brown: That’s how I felt about my bus seat when I played basketball at Boston College. I actually had to sit in the same bus seat. So I kind of get when you’re superstitious or when you have a favorite machine or favorite seat at the table.

Tiffany: I don’t know.

Ayla Brown: Okay. But someone said that they needed that specific treadmill and kicked you off.

Tiffany: This is so strange, isn’t it? It’s super strange. I just kind of conceded the first time because I didn’t want to risk any type of confrontation. And there are other open treadmills. But now he’s like there every time I’m there, of course, and he’s given me death stares. I mean, I’m so tempted to just run on his favorite treadmill.

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