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My Husband Keeps Posting Pictures of My Resting Bitch Face To Social Media And Its Driving Me Nuts

Audrey’s husband loves to take pictures of her and post them to social media, but she hates the pictures he takes and wants to be able to control which ones he posts. He thinks she looks great, but she wants to be able to veto them.

Check Out Audrey’s Call About Her Resting Bitch Face Problem Here:

Jonathan: Today for panic button we have Audrey. Hey, Audrey.

Audrey: Hey, how you guys doing today?

Danielle: Hi.

Jonathan: Doing well. So you have a problem with your husband being a bit of a shutterbug. But not a very good one. What’s going on?

Audrey: Yeah. So my husband takes photos of me all the time, OK? And I’m not complaining. You know, it’s not like I’m necessarily camera shy. But he takes these photos and he always posts them on his Instagram and his Facebook without asking me. And this wouldn’t be necessarily that bad of a problem. But the photos he takes are absolutely horrific, OK?

Danielle: This is a husband epidemic.

Jonathan: Is it?

Danielle: Yes, it’s a husband epidemic.

Audrey: OK, this is what I was thinking right. I honestly didn’t think this was maybe just me.

Jonathan: Well, OK. I don’t post pictures of my wife on social media without asking her.

Audrey: Yeah. Bless you. Bless you.

Jonathan: Because, I’ve been threatened before so.

Danielle: She’s also very, very private too.

Jonathan: Yes, she is a very, very private. Which is ironic, considering who she’s married to.

Danielle: Seriously

Jonathan: I will say that our screen saver on our TV is from an Amazon TV. So it’s the photo reels from Amazon.

Audrey: Yes.

Danielle: The photo, OK. Gotcha.

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Does Your Husband Post Photos Of You That You Don’t Like? Do You Have Resting Bitch Face?

Jonathan:  Anytime a picture of her comes up on there and she says I hate that picture of me. I’m like you look great. What are you talking about? So I’m just saying from the male perspective, he probably doesn’t think you look bad. So he’s like, but you look great. You’re my wife. I love you. You’re beautiful. He’s posting it because he loves you.

Danielle: Mm-hmm.

Audrey: OK. But for example, there’s one that he posted fairly recently and I’m holding our one year old daughter. But I look like I’m pisssed off at our daughter.

Danielle: Yes, yes, yes.

Audrey: And everyone see is and doesn’t get it. And they’re all coming for me.

Danielle: Right. Exactly.

Audrey: You know exactly. So this paints me in a really bad light, right?

Danielle: MMM.

Audrey: And then he’s like. No haha, that’s just what she looks like.

Jonathan: OK.

Audrey: Oh my God. OK, I know I have RBF sometimes. So come on now. This isn’t even fair.

Jonathan: For those of you who don’t know, it’s resting bitch face. Yeah. OK, So what do you wanna do? You want him to use filters or something?

Audrey: So frustrating. No, I just want him to, before he posts something to go, Hey, babe. Can I post this picture? Or maybe even while he’s taking them. Maybe if he sees me have my RBF, maybe he can just go. Hey, babe. You know, I’m taking a picture. Why don’t you smile, right?

Jonathan: Instead of all candids. Yeah, yeah. OK.

Audrey: Exactly. Either take better photos or before you close them.

Jonathan: But maybe he’s just trying to capture  the moment. As he sees you. Though when you look bad.

Audrey: No. Our friends and family don’t understand.

Jonathan: Yeah, but if you’re all posed, that’s worse.

Audrey: Our friends and family don’t understand that.  My mom,  after seeing that picture with our daughter, she even asked me if I was postpartum.

Danielle: Oh. Gosh.

Jonathan: OK, so what you want is basically, control over what he posts to his Instagram and Facebook.

Audrey: I mean, it sounds really bad when you say it that way.

Danielle: Well, you know.

Jonathan: What I think that’s also the way I say things that always sound bad. But that’s what you’re saying is you want final edit.

Audrey: I want final edit yes. I don’t care that he posts. I don’t care that he posts pictures of us. I just want to be able to veto. There we go. That’s what I want. I want the power of veto.

Jonathan: OK.

Danielle: Yeah.

Jonathan: Alright, is Audrey asking for too much or is her husband? He’s just taking candid photos of her resting bitch face to share online. Nothing inappropriate, obviously. OK, so he’s just sharing photos of his wife as he sees her, and he obviously thinks that they’re good pictures. Otherwise he probably would want other people to see them. But Audrey says they’re pictures of me, so I should have control over what gets posted online. What do you guys think? Audrey, thank you so much.

Audrey: Thank you guys. Thanks.

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