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bad high school teen boy lighting cigarette in classroom

Paige’s 16 year old son has been dealing with anxiety issues. She recently discovered that her husband has been giving their teenage son weed gummies to calm him down. She found a pack in his jeans and he said he’s been taking one every morning before school. Paige is freaked out that her son is doing drugs and going to school high, but her husband points out that he is doing better in school and has been way less anxious lately. Is it ever appropriate to give your teenage son weed?

Jonathan: Today for panic, but we have Paige.

Paige: Hi.

Jonathan: So it seems like some of the pages in your house.

Ayla: Oh, my God.

Jonathan: Aren’t necessarily for reading, but for rolling doobies. So, Paige, what’s going on in your house?

Paige: Well, I have just found out that my husband has been giving my 16 year old teenage son weed gummies.

Jonathan: Okay.

Ayla: Oh, no.

Jonathan: And that’s a problem for you.

Paige: Yeah. Yeah.

Ayla: Yeah.

Paige: Yeah.

Ayla: He’s 16.

Paige: He’s 16. Nobody told me this was happening.

Ayla: And how did you find out.

Paige: I found the gummies in one of my son’s pockets when I was doing his laundry.

Jonathan: Oh, wait, the gummies or just like the packaging or what?

Paige: Yeah, like a pack of gum.

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  • So Did You Confront Your Husband?

    Jonathan: A pack of gum.

    Ayla: Okay. Oh, man. Did he. Did you confront him?

    Paige: Yeah. And he’s said dad’s been giving them to me.

    Jonathan: So your husband has been hooking your kid up. He’s your dealer.

    Ayla: Yeah.

    Jonathan: Like any good father. Your husband’s giving your 16 year old son weed gummies. Just because they party together?

    Paige: I talked to him about it. He said, you know, he’s got social anxiety, so he’s been giving them to him so he can feel more comfortable around his peers at school.

    Ayla: So he gives them to him before he goes to school.

    Jonathan: So he’s going to school high.

    Paige: He taking them almost every day.

    Ayla: Yeah, except Saturday and Sunday, I bet.

    Jonathan: You know, he probably double doses on Saturday.

    Ayla: That is so bad.

    Jonathan: What we call wake and bake I bet.

    Ayla: That’s so bad, though. Paige, are you just as fired up as I am right now? I mean, I know that’s why you’re calling. Your sixteen year old is going to school high every single day because of your husband.

    Jonathan: Is he suffering in school. I mean, is he getting bad grades?

    Ayla: Does that matter?

    Jonathan: Yes, of course it matters.

    Paige: No it doesn’t.

    Jonathan: How is he doing in school?

    Paige: I do have to say he’s not doing poorly in school. And he does seem to be having an easier time socializing.

    Jonathan: He’s got weed. Everybody likes that kid.

    Ayla: That’s not good to laugh about. It’s definitely not okay to come to school high.

    Jonathan: Tell that to everybody down the hall.

    Ayla: That’s a whole other story. Not getting into it. If they were 16, though, they’d get a spanking.

    Jonathan: I think they’d be into that. all right. So here’s the thing. Paige, you’re upset about it because you it’s illegal? It’s against the rules? Like I don’t really understand what the problem is.

    Paige: I would say both of those things. He’s a minor. He could get in trouble at school if someone noticed that he was high.

    Jonathan: What if what if your husband was giving him alcohol? Is that just as bad? Like a dad sharing a beer with his son.

    Ayla: He’s not sharing a beer. He’s giving him a beer before school, so he feels less anxious.

    Jonathan: But weed has a medicinal purpose and alcohol doesn’t.

    Ayla: But it’s still drugs? Yes.

    Jonathan: Is there anything else that he would be taking for social anxiety?

    Ayla: Has he taken other things before?

    Paige: No.

    Ayla: Maybe we start with something a little bit more prescribed. I don’t know.

    Jonathan: You can get prescription for weed. Maybe not at 16. Probably.

    Ayla: Right.

    Jonathan: Paige, thank you so much.

    Paige: Oh, no. No problem. Thank you.

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