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Nicole’s fiancé wants to get Botox before their wedding and she’s not sure she is ok with that. He says he wants to look good in their wedding photos, but she just thinks its weird and a little gross. How would you feel if you found out your fiancé wants to get Botox before your wedding?

Ayla Brown: Hi, Nicole. Good morning. Thank you so much for calling in. Your topic is really interesting, but I first want to say congratulations, because I know you are getting married in two and a half months. So Yay.

Nicole: Yay, yay. Thank you so much. Long time coming.

Ayla Brown: Yeah, I bet. How long have you been together?

Nicole: Six whole years.

Ayla Brown: Six years? You’re finally making it official in two and a half months. That’s awesome. So I know just based on your email, there’s a there’s a little thing that your soon to be husband wants to do before the wedding. So tell everyone what that is.

Nicole: Yeah. So he’s sort of told me recently that he wants to get Botox before the wedding.

Ayla Brown: And he wants to for himself? Or he wants it for you to get it?

Nicole: No, not me. Him, him. I know.

Ayla Brown: How does that make you feel?

Nicole: I am just like, what? Well, why? I mean he doesn’t need it at all. I love him for the wrinkles he has, you know?

Ayla Brown: Yeah

Nicole: They look perfect for his age

Ayla Brown: Which is how old?

Nicole: He’s 38.

Ayla Brown: 38. Okay, that’s the same age as my husband. And my husband’s starting to get wrinkles. And I would be floored, too, if he came home and it was like, Hey, I’m deciding to get Botox. People are supposed to have wrinkles, so I’m in the same boat as you. I get it. So why? What’s the reasoning that he has? Has he gotten it done before? And what’s the reasoning that he wants to do it for the wedding day?

Nicole: I don’t think so. Not that I know. But what he says is that we’re going to get these photos. You know, the wedding photos.

Ayla Brown: Yeah.

Nicole: And they last forever. And he wants to look as youthful as possible in them and I like the way he looks. I don’t want him to get all NEWSCASTER, you know?

Ayla Brown: Get all Fox News on you? Any newscaster. I feel like that in the TV business, that’s very common. But is he in the TV business?

Nicole: No, he is not.

Ayla Brown: So are you going to, I don’t want to say control, but are you going to allow this? What are you going to do for the wedding? Are you going to encourage him to do this because it’s something that he wants to do? Or are you going to put your foot down?

Nicole: I am not going to encourage him to do it whatsoever. I think it’s kind of gross, to be honest with you. I mean, how can I just put my foot down? I don’t know about that, but I just am wondering, is this weird behavior or is this just the first of many weird red flags or challenges?

Ayla Brown: I don’t know. That’s a good question. Maybe there are other women out there who are with men who do the whole Botox thing and they could call in. Nicole, congratulations and good luck with this.

Nicole: Thank you so much.

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