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People have a elegant dinner

Hillarie went out to dinner in the North End with her husband and another couple to a very expensive restaurant. The other couple bought an expensive bottle of wine and a bunch of apps, so Hillarie suggested they do separate bills. Her husband was embarrassed and insisted on splitting one bill evenly. Was Hillarie wrong to not want to pay more, or is her husband’s ego blinding him? Would you split the check regardless of who had what at a very expensive restaurant?

Ayla Brown: All right. Good morning, Hillarie. I’m so glad you called him because this is such a relatable conversation. Who pays the bill at the end of a dinner? What happened in the North end with you and another friend?

Hillarie: My husband and I are friends with a couple, and we don’t see them very often. It’s kind of the once a year get together, catch up, do dinner thing, and the other couple picked where they wanted to eat and they picked this new super bougie place in the North End. I mean, you know, like 45, $50 a plate is the lowest price meal.

Ayla Brown: Oh, my gosh. Okay. Okay.

Hillarie: Yeah.

Ayla Brown: Got it. So what happened with the bill, then?

Hillarie: I said to my husband before we went this place is really pricey. Are we sure we want to go there? And he was like, It’s fine. You worry too much. Let’s enjoy our life. It’s fine. So of course I’m like, okay, honey, I’ll enjoy my life. Let’s go. You know, he always says that. But we go and we have this dinner, and early on in the dinner, the other couple ordered a bottle of wine just for themselves to share.

Ayla Brown: Okay.

Hillarie: After they did that, the waitress came by to just check on us before putting in apps and food. And I just said, Hey, please, if you don’t mind, this gentleman and myself, you can put us on one check.

Ayla Brown: Okay. You and your husband.

Hillarie: Yes. Especially because right away I saw this other couple who again, we don’t see often, but they ordered a bottle of wine.

Ayla Brown: Oh, I know.

Hillarie: Well, let me just say, the bottle itself was $300.

Ayla Brown: Okay, I got you. So you told the waitress you can put my husband and I on our separate check? And then what happened.

Hillarie: Which I didn’t think was a big deal. And then my husband was like, No, no, no, it’s fine. Immediately interrupted me and contradicted me. Oh, no, no, no, it’s fine. One check is fine. And I looked at him and gave him a kick in his shin under the table.

Ayla Brown: Wow.

Hillarie: And he was just insistent to the waitress. No, no, no, seriously. One check is fine. I almost expected him to say we’re going to pick it up. He was so insistent. So waitress leaves and we have the rest of the dinner. It went just like I thought it was going to based on that bottle of wine. This other couple, very lavishly, chose to split two or three appetizers. They got salad.

Ayla Brown: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Hillarie: By the time they got their entrees, I think their portion came to about $800

Ayla Brown: When the bill came, I’m assuming you guys split it down the middle 50/50. Obviously, the other couple had a lot more food and drink, but you guys ended up having to split it because your husband kind of overruled you. So what is the question that you want me to ask our listeners? And I’m happy to ask it.

Hillarie: Please ask if I was in the wrong. Did I embarrass my husband? Did I go above and beyond where I should have, or am I okay with my actions? Because I was just trying to save some money for the bank account.

Ayla Brown: What did Hillary do? Was that the wrong decision? Did she embarrass her husband by saying we’ll be on one check, or did she embarrass the other couple or herself, or was she totally in the right? Thank you, Hillary.

Hillarie: Oh, thank you so much.

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