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My Wife Got Me A Barbecue For Father’s Day Because She Wants Me To Work On My Day Off

Drake’s wife surprised him with an early Father’s Day gift. She got him a brand new barbecue. But Drake is conflicted because they can’t afford it and she took out a new credit card to buy it. She also gave it to him early because she wants to have a Memorial Day party and now he has to cook. Is Drake ungrateful for not wanting the barbecue and the work that comes with it?

Here’s Drake’s Father’s Day Dilemma

Jonathan: Today for panic button. We have Drake. Hey, Drake.

Drake: Hey, how’s it going?

Jonathan: Drake is calling in because he got a present for Father’s Day and he’s upset about it. You might be surprised to learn that it’s not Father’s Day yet.

Danielle: Yeah, right. Which is?

Jonathan: He’s a little early for that. But that’s not necessarily his problem. What happened there?

Danielle: OK. It’s a little ways off. Yeah. Timing is suspect at best.That says it all, Drake.

Drake: I love my wife. I love my wife. She gives very thoughtful gifts. That is one of her love languages. She’s great at it. This year she jumped the gun. She got me an early Father’s Day present.

Jonathan: Yeah.

Drake: It’s a propane grill. I mean it’s amazing grill. Here’s the problem. It was $1500 and we don’t really have $1500.  She said Oh, it’s OK. It’s OK. I  opened up a credit card, you know?

Danielle: MHM.

Drake: And I’m like, oh.

Jonathan: That’s not one of those store ones with like 27% APR. Fantastic

Drake: Yeah, it’s a mean one exactly. And then she says. But hey, here’s why I got you this grill early, because we’re gonna have a Memorial Day party.

Danielle: Oh.

Drake: And guess what you’re going to be. Grill master! My lovely wife. She got me a grill that we can’t afford and then she gave me a job for this holiday, one of the two three day weekends of the year I get. And we’re going to have a party here. How much is that going to cost too? So, am I overreacting here?

Jonathan: Yeah.

Drake: She was all you’re ungrateful. I you know, I can’t believe that. You don’t like my gift? I’m like I I love the gift. I do. But it’s just we can’t afford this.

Jonathan: Right. Let me add, I mean, is it something that you if circumstances were a little bit better, is it something that you would like?

Drake: Yeah. No, I mean, I really like the grill. Don’t get me wrong and I like parties. I like grilling. I mean, come on.

Danielle:  OK.

Jonathan: You like grilling, right? But it’s just she’s spending money that you guys don’t have for Father’s Day.

Drake: Exactly. And she’s given me a job that I didn’t necessarily sign up for.

Danielle: And how would she have reacted Drake to you if you had gotten her a vacuum for Mother’s Day? I feel like.

Drake: Right. Yeah. Well, exactly. There you go. You know, it kind of has this ohh grill for a guy. There you go, but a vacuum cleaner.

Danielle: That’s kind of a parallel.

Drake: For a woman I’m gonna get a vacuum.

Jonathan: Well, I I think the one thing if you got her a vacuum, but you got your vacuum and you’re like, hey, I got you this because I invited our parents over next weekend and I want the house to be clean.

Danielle: Correct.

Jonathan: So, yeah, I don’t think you’re ungrateful. Is it OK to complain about Father’s Day and Mother’s Day gifts? What’s the worst mother or Father’s Day gift that you’ve gotten? Was it received with love and gratitude. Or were you able to throw it back? Like, what the hell did you get me this for? Are you out of your mind?

Danielle: Yep.

Jonathan: Because it is somebody trying to do something nice. It is somebody trying to show you appreciation and love. But at the same time, they might go a little too far. Drake, thank you so much.

Drake: Thanks guys. Thank you.

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