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Troy’s wife is pregnant with twins which will give them four young children, so she wants him to trade in his PT Cruiser to buy a minivan. But Troy is worried that he will be giving up his “man card” by driving such a lame vehicle. Does it make you less of a man if you buy a minivan?

Ayla Brown: And good morning to Troy. How are you? Where are you calling from? I hope your minivan. Sorry. I read your email and I was like, okay, I definitely want to schedule a call with Troy. Tell me everything. What’s going on?

Troy: All right. So my wife, Jennifer, I love her and we’ve got two kids. It’s great. Now we’re expecting twins.

Ayla Brown: Expecting twins? Congrats. What a growing family.

Troy: Yeah, it’s awesome. It’s awesome. But here’s what’s the annoying part. So, obviously, the family’s expanding. My wife wants to get a new car, right? And she’s pushing for a minivan. I’m sorry, but I can’t give up my man card for that. You know, I’m. I’m trying to go for the SUV. I’m trying to look good. I’ve got a PT Cruiser, okay? I’ve got I’ve got a reputation to uphold, you know, I’m saying.

Ayla Brown: Yeah, No, I can’t wait. What’s the reputation with a PT Cruiser?

Troy: I have a reputation as a really, you know, go getter. I’m saying I can’t retire to a minivan. You know I can’t.

Ayla Brown: No, listen, I feel like this has been a battle between men and their egos and their manhood since the minivan was invented for whatever reason. I mean, forget about the fact that It’s the safest car on the planet, right? No one’s going to get hurt. You have a growing family. It will seat all of you guys, But for whatever reason, no dude likes the minivan.

Troy: Yeah, I know. My. My wife’s pushing it. She’s saying, hey, you know, we’ve got a growing family. There’s going to be four kids. There’s going to be six overall.

Ayla Brown: Six people.

Troy: Yeah, but…..

Ayla Brown: So what do you want to do? You just need support? Do you need to hear from men who drive minivans? I’m very curious if we have any, by the way, listening right now, because we are a country music station, so every guy’s probably like, Oh, I’m in my truck right now, but maybe there are men out there who drive minivans. What’s that like? Is it cool? Have you lost your manhood?

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