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Country Mornings with Jonathan & Ayla

Country Mornings with Jonathan & Ayla

Derek and his wife were going on vacation to Disney and decided to use their points to invite her sister and two kids along. They’re staying in a nicer place than the sister, so she asked if she and the kids could stay with them instead. Derek’s wife wants to say yes, but he doesn’t want his generous offer to ruin his vacation. If you were Derek, would you ever let your wife’s sister and two kids share your hotel room?

Ayla Brown: And good morning, Derek. How are you? I hear you’re kind of mad about something, and we need to talk about it.

Derek: Yeah. Good morning. I am a little bit embarrassed about calling, but I just needed a venting system here, so I have an opportunity. I want to do something real nice for the wife, and I haven’t had an opportunity, even when I was a kid, to go to Disney. So I thought it’d be something really real for my wife and I to do. So as I’m going through it, we’re discussing it with the family and our plans and everything. And my sister in law, unfortunately, is a single mom and is really struggling. I have some miles saved up from all the travels that my wife and I have been doing over the years on our credit card. You know how we can collect all those credits?

Ayla Brown: Absolutely. Yes.

Derek: I love my nieces and nephews and everything. And I would hate to go to Disney and have them ask why wouldn’t you bring me. So I thought maybe, if I could cover the cost of the her hotel room and cover the cost of the kids to go to the park, I think that would be a nice gesture and everybody could have a real nice time.

Ayla Brown: Okay, so backtrack. You are paying with your points.

Derek: Yeah, I’m covering everything.

Ayla Brown: So flight, hotel and park tickets for your sister in law who’s a single mom. Wow, that is so generous.

Derek: You know, it’s my wife and it’s her sister. And she’s had a rough time, you know what I mean? And I think this would also give her an opportunity to just to relax a little bit. We’ll be there to share the time with the kids if we need to. But, long story short, I’m speaking to the wife and everything’s going down. And I set up that we’re staying in the animal kingdom. My wife and I.

Ayla Brown: Oh, okay.

Derek: And I have I use my hotel points at the Hilton down the road at the Disney Springs Resort. So my sister and the kids are going to stay over there. They’ve got a pool. They’ve got pretty much everything that they need there. It’s not even a situation. We have to leave the kids somewhere. Everything’s set. Okay, so now we’re sitting in bed, and now all of a sudden, my wife says it’s not really nice to have them staying at another resort. We should all be together. And I’m like, you know, it’s a vacation for you and I. I was just thinking about asking your sister to come.

Ayla Brown: Yeah, as a nice gesture. Right. But not like, part of your vacation. Okay.

Derek: Right. So she wants us to want everybody to stay in one room.

Ayla Brown: Like a suite?

Derek: No, no, no, no, no.

Ayla Brown: Oh, my.

Derek: I’m trying to have a vacation. Vacation? You know what I mean?

Ayla Brown: Like, do you have any kids? Or maybe making one is on the agenda.

Derek: Yeah, you know what I’m saying? Okay. Magic Mountain.

Ayla Brown: Oh, my God. Oh, okay. Keep going

Derek: So my question to you would be, how am I going to handle losing this great opportunity on a wonderful vacation with my wife? Knowing that in the back of her mind, she thinks I’m a real jerk off because I’m not sharing a room with two kids and my sister in law.

Ayla Brown: Has she threatened to go to their room at Disney Springs and just leave you totally to have a vacation Animal kingdom?

Yes. Yes. That has been brought to my attention that she may stay with her sister and the kids.

Ayla Brown: Can a guy catch a break? Right

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