Country Mornings with Jonathan & Ayla

Country Mornings with Jonathan & Ayla

Country Mornings with Jonathan & Ayla

Jeremy’s wife is on him to decorate for Christmas but his kids have all moved out and he’s just not into it this year. He believes Christmas is for children. Christmas is not for adults. And now that the kids are gone, they don’t need to decorate or exchange gifts. Do you agree that Christmas is not for adults?

Jonathan: And it’s rare that we have a celebrity on the show. But ladies and gentlemen, we’ve got the Grinch here. Actually, we’ve got Jeremy on with this.

Ayla: Hi, Jeremy.

Jeremy: Good morning, guys. How are you?

Jonathan: Good. So, Jeremy, what is your problem?

Jeremy: My wife and I, our kids moved out. They’ve moved out. And the Christmas season is here.

Ayla: Because they don’t like you guys anymore? Did they go to college? Why did they move out? Give me some background here.

Jeremy: No, no, no. They’re gone. They’re living their lives now. So it’s just me and my wife.

Ayla: Got it.

Jeremy: I’m just flat out going to be honest. I don’t like Christmas. I think that Christmas is for kids. And my wife is wanting me to decorate the house, to put up lights, and that’s just not something I’m willing to do.

Ayla: But have you done it in the past?

Jeremy: Well, I have done it in the past, but it’s been purely because of the kids.

Jonathan: Okay. So you at least you were a good dad.

Ayla: You’re faking it.

Jonathan: You know, masking your hatred of Christmas so that you can make your kids happy. Do the neighbors put up decorations? Because it’s a little weird if you don’t have decorations on your house, but the neighbors do.

Jeremy: Well, they have decorations up, and we’re honestly the only house that does not.

Ayla: We’re a week and a half from Christmas.

Jonathan: Yeah, it’s getting pretty close. So you don’t like putting Christmas decorations out? You don’t want to do it. You never liked doing it, apparently. And you’re owning it. Doing it for your kids. I mean, are you at least like getting your wife a present?

Ayla: Are you still married just because of the kids?

Jonathan: Oh, no. Sorry.

Ayla: Sorry.

Jeremy: No. We’re not doing presents.

Jonathan: Well, is your wife doing presents?

Jeremy: I hope that she doesn’t, because I’m not getting her gift.

Ayla: Why? You just sounds so grumpy.

Jeremy: I’m not grumpy. I just believe Christmas is not for adults. It’s for children.

Jonathan: Okay. Is it the commercialization of it? Or are you just find it like everybody’s forcing it? I’ve talked to people in the past who have not liked Christmas and they were like, it’s just everybody’s forcing it. Nobody’s really feeling it.

Jeremy: Well, I just feel like the whole purpose of it is really just to give gifts to your kids. To celebrate for your kids. And now that it’s just me and my wife, I don’t see the point.

Ayla: And not get her gifts, the whole thing.

Jonathan: Why wouldn’t you give your wife gifts? I don’t understand. I mean, I guess if you go back to the tradition of Christmas and the gifts of the Magi and everything like that, it was giving gifts to Baby Jesus. But we don’t stick to it that strictly and give each other frankincense and myrrh. So you just think it’s for kids and you’re tired of your wife pressuring you on this? I don’t know what he should say to his wife to get her off his back.

Ayla: What should she say to him to get him on her side? That’s what he’s calling about. I want her to I want her to be happy.

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