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Helpless woman sitting on sofa couch in messy living room shrugging. Young girl surrounded by many stack of clothes. Disorder and mess at home.

Calvin’s wife is a slob. He repeatedly asked her to clean up her mess, but she never does. So he took a pile of stuff and threw it out. But he didn’t realize his daughter’s old baby blanket was in that pile he threw out. Now his wife is upset because he threw out something with sentimental value that she wanted to keep. But if it was so important to her, why was it on the floor? Is Calvin the bad guy here? Or should his wife just clean up her mess already?

Calin Explains Why His Wife Doesn’t Clean Up

Ayla Brown: And good morning, Calvin. I hear that there is a fight going on in your household about a baby blanket. What happened?

Calvin: Oh, man, It’s. It’s crazy. I’m a happily married husband. Hopefully still when my wife hears this.

Ayla Brown: Yes, she’s probably, hopefully not listening.

Calvin: I’m livid. I work 9 to 5 every day. I get up at 730 in the morning, get ready to go to work, come home. And you know what I find? Mess is everywhere. I find clothes everywhere. It’s almost becoming a hoarder space, and it’s getting very disgusting.

Ayla Brown: Oh?

Calvin: I come home and cook. I don’t know what she does all day, that she stays at home and watches soap operas. She claims that she’s working on her life, working on herself. But anyway, to make a long story short, there were a lot of clothes on the floor. A lot of things were everywhere. And I ended up myself cleaning up. Right. Getting rid of stuff.

Ayla Brown: Can I ask you a question first? Was this her stuff or was this your stuff that you were picking up?

Calvin: It was a mixture of everything, you know, it was her stuff. My stuff. Everybody’s stuff. You know, we don’t have my pile or her piles. Just piles, you know? And I ended up trying to clear an area because of the actually becoming a fire hazard. And it’s disgusting. We can’t even have company. I ended up taking a pile and throwing it out, and my daughter’s baby blanket was in there. You know, my daughter’s 13 years old and this is something that was special to her. My wife claims that I think my daughter doesn’t care about anything at all, you know? She’s 13 years old.

Ayla Brown: That’s sad, though. You threw it away?

Calvin: How would I know that the baby blanket was there when you’re there all day, and I just want to make space.

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