Wicked Summer Fun Guide

Wicked Summer Fun Guide

Wicked Summer Fun Guide

(Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for Good Humor)

Ice cream season is in full swing. So it’s high time we dug into New England’s favorite ice cream truck treats.


As I’ve said before, when it comes to me and my kids, every season is ice cream season. Sure, we scarf down most of our scoops in the summertime. But my youngest and I have started a year-round tradition of grabbing a quick cone at Cravings at Colonial Spa in Wakefield while we’re waiting for his older brother to get out of work. Ice cream cones under Christmas lights on the Common? Sure!


I actually plugged Cravings when I shared my favorite North Shore ice cream spots. And I would be remiss if I did not remind you that I’ve curated a list of Friendly’s in the greater Boston area. Because sometimes a scoop isn’t enough. Sometimes you just need to sit down and tuck into a Jim Dandy. And when you finish it, order another one. My dad actually did that once. True story.


New England’s Favorite Ice Cream Truck Treats

What I haven’t dug into yet are ice cream truck goodies. Ah yes, the summertime siren song of the ice cream truck. Every child craves it. Every parent dreads it. The ice cream truck will separate you from your hard-earned cash. When I was a kid growing up in Wakefield, we had Tom the Ice Cream Man. We used to chant: “Tom, Tom the Ice Cream Man…takes your money fast as he can!”


The Shane Co. has shared this list titled Every State’s Favorite Ice Cream Truck Treat and, well, it’s a treat. You can peruse the list to see all 50 states and the frozen goodies they crave. Below, I’m taking the truck to the six New England states to see what’s doing. I hope it has Bomb Pops…

  • Connecticut

    Choco Taco – I don’t think I’ve ever had a Choco Taco from an ice cream truck! I remember back in the ’90s when you could get them at Taco Bell. Good times. Now? They’re gone.


  • Maine

    Choco Taco – Sometimes when I’m at Crystal Lake in Harrison, the ice cream truck will roll up. The beach literally empties as every kid queues up for a treat. Pity they can’t get the state’s favorite anymore. For now…

  • Massachusetts

    Chipwich – Listen, I have no problem with the Chipwich. It’s a fine frozen treat. But it’s also something I can make at home. That plastic cone full of orange sherbet with the gumball at the bottom? That should be the leader in MA. That I can’t make at home.

  • New Hampshire

    Creamsicle – This is the one thing on the list that, as soon as I saw the word “Creamsicle,” I immediately thought: “I want a Creamsicle immediately.” Such a classic ice cream truck selection. Make it boozy and you’re taking it next-level.


  • Rhode Island

    Klondike Bar – Last summer, I spent a week with my family at Wells Beach. We rented a new place, and the family that rented before us left behind a whole package of Klondike Bars in the freezer. They didn’t last the weekend.

  • Vermont

    Bomb Pop – Some people call this one the “Firecracker.” Those people are wrong. This is a Bomb Pop, and it is the bomb indeed.

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