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8 Great Ways To Keep Rabbits Out Of Your Garden According to Experts

Looking for Ways To Keep Rabbits Out Of Your Garden? Well, look no further, because here are 8 Great Ways To Keep Rabbits Out Of Your Garden According to Experts! You know, it's only a matter of time before you go from animal-loving Snow White to a gun-toting Elmer Fudd. And I've turned the corner, people. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZTE9MDoaLs I just spent $200 for plants what I thought would curb appeal. Instead, I spent $200 on A BUNNY BUFFET. My lupine is lunch. My begonias are breakfast. It's MAKING ME CRAZY. At first, I wasn't sure it was little bitty bunnies. But then I knew. Here are the tell-tale signs, according to gardendesign.com "You’ve spotted pea-sized droppings Plants look like they’ve been trimmed with pruners rather than nibbled on (rabbits have upper and lower incisors) Young, tender plants have disappeared You find tufts of hair or spots where it looks like a small animal has been digging Drip lines or hoses have been chewed on Something has been gnawing on bark around tree trunks or woody plants." When it comes to your flower, those innocent-looking, floppy-eared creatures may seem harmless. But they can turn into fluffy little terrors. Here's why rabbits are the ultimate garden villians: First and foremost, rabbits are voracious eaters. They have an insatiable appetite for t your prized vegetables, flowers, and herbs. It's like they have a built-in radar for the most succulent plants in your garden. They leaved behind a trail of half-eaten leaves and devastated stems. Secondly, rabbits are prolific breeders. A couple of rabbits can quickly turn into a bustling bunny metropolis. This means even more damage to your garden as the population explodes. Plus, rabbits are skilled diggers. They love to burrow and create cozy homes for themselves. But in the process, they can uproot your seedlings and disturb the soil, leaving a mess in their wake. Lastly, rabbits are sneaky little ninjas. They can squeeze through the tiniest gaps and jump over surprisingly high fences.  Their agility and resourcefulness can leave you feeling helpless in your quest to protect your plants. These cute but destructive critters can turn your beautiful garden into a vast wasteland. Here are 8 Great Ways To Keep Rabbits Out Of Your Garden According to Experts!

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