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Country Mornings with Jonathan & Ayla

Country Mornings with Jonathan & Ayla

Close up picture of a young woman holding her butt, she needs to poop, outdoor

Wendell goes to Miami with his boys frequently because he likes the way the girls look down there, but he has a girlfriend here in Boston who he loves. She has offered to get a “Brazilian Butt Lift” to look more like the Miami girls, but she wants him to pay for it. Should Wendell pay for his girlfriend to get a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Ayla Brown: Wendell, good morning. You want to ask about… I can’t believe I’m saying this on air, but you want to ask about Brazilian butt lifts.

Wendell: Yeah. Yeah. I like to go down to Miami on a guy’s trip, and we go down there probably at least once a quarter. I mean, it’s always warm down there. It’s always nice now. And, you know, the girls in Boston, I’m just saying, are not that cute.

Ayla Brown: I’m from Boston and I’m kind of cute. Rude, but okay.

Wendell: I do have a girlfriend in the Boston area.

Ayla Brown: I hope she’s not listening.

Wendell: My whole scenario is when I go down there, I want to be around the lifestyle, food and the cars and of course, we go to the beach, we see, you know, the women walking around in thongs and any girl is walking around like that, that’s my type of girl.

Ayla Brown: So you’re saying that’s your that’s your physical preference.

Wendell: Yeah. Girls with booties. The honky tonk badonkadonk. And, you know, when I get home, my girl, she’s always asking me, why do you always want to go down there to Miami? I said, well, maybe it’s the cars, you know, sort of is the food. And she said, No.

Ayla Brown: I mean, I know what a man’s lying. It’s not..

Wendell: You know, it’s the lifestyle. I just like the butts. Those women with those booties, those honkytonk badonkadonks..

Ayla Brown: As you said, yes.

Wendell: Okay, so here’s the thing and this is why this is what I need advice on this. She said to me, if you really like that, you know, because her a**, she has no a**. And so she said, Listen, I’ll get the BBL if you pay for it, okay?

Ayla Brown: To anyone listening right now, that means Brazilian Butt Lift. Okay. I just want to say I know my mom’s listening. She’ll be like, I don’t know what that means,.

Wendell: She says she’ll get it if I pay for it. Do I pay for it? I mean, I met this girl at work. We’ve been together for like four years. She’s amazing. And, I really do love her. But do I pay for her or do I just, like, you know, get one that already has a booty? You know, the ones I see down in Miami.

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