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Cute little baby in pram. Adorable baby girl in autumn sitting in her pram.

Jennifer had to go to the Apple store to get her iPhone fixed on a cold day last weekend. There was a line developing in front of the store before it opened, but Jennifer didn’t want to wait with her baby out in the cold. So when the store opened, she went to the front of the line and asked if she could cut the line so that she wouldn’t have to keep her baby out in the cold. The woman had only been waiting twenty minutes, but she still refused and made Jennifer wait in the line. Jennifer believes that she should have been able to skip the line because of her baby, but no one seemed to agree. Would you make her wait with a baby out in the cold?

Jonathan: For panic button we have Jennifer. Jennifer, how are you doing?

Jennifer: Hi. I’m good.

Jonathan: So you sound good, but you had a very upsetting thing that happened to you. And I’m just going to apologize on behalf of humanity. You’re right. Because this happened to you. What happened Jen?

Ayla: What happened?

Jennifer: My phone has been acting up a lot lately. And I have an iPhone. So I needed to take it to the Apple Store. And I don’t know if you guys have ever been to the Apple Store, but there’s usually a pretty long line.

Jonathan: Yep.

Jennifer: And, this was last weekend. It was super cold. I had my baby with me. And we were sitting in my car waiting for the Apple Store to open. It was just so cold. I didn’t want to stand outside.

Jonathan: I don’t know.

Ayla: I guess it’s been cold lately. I mean, we had a couple warm days, but I think I know which day you’re talking about. Not this past weekend, but the weekend before. Got it.

Jennifer: All right. And I had my baby. I didn’t want her to get too cold. So we stayed in the car, and I was kind out of gas. I would run it for a little bit, and then I would turn it off, run it, and turn it off. And this line started spreading out for the Apple Store. It looked like halfway down the block.

Ayla: Wow.

Jennifer: While I was waiting in my car and we just watched it get longer. And so, once the store opened, I went ahead and got out of my car and got my stroller out from underneath, and I think I should go ask the lady at the front of the line if I can cut, because I was sitting there the whole time.

Jonathan: And you had a baby. Yeah. I mean, it’s not like you weren’t in line. You just weren’t.

Ayla: She wasn’t in the actual line.

Jonathan: No, no, she was in line. She just wasn’t in the physical line that this woman was in.

Ayla: Okay, I don’t know what the difference is, but okay.

Jonathan: I don’t either actually.

Ayla: So what happened next, Jennifer? You said you went up to the woman in the front who was standing there.

Jennifer: Yeah. And I asked her if I could cut because I had my baby with me. I didn’t want my baby to get too cold. And she was like, no way. Absolutely not. She was so nasty to me. And she’s like, oh, your baby is going to be fine. Look, you guys are both bundled up. I just standing here freezing my toes off this whole time.

Jonathan: Oh my God.

Ayla: Was she out in the line waiting? Obviously if you’re the first in line and you’re saying that it’s halfway down the block, it’s probably a lot of people. Was she in line for a while?

Jennifer: She was in line for about 20 minutes.

Jonathan: I mean, what a selfish person this is. I mean to say, I don’t care about your baby. I’ve been standing here.

Ayla: Right? And this was another woman. Do you think she had kids? Like, where she could relate to it?

Jonathan: She probably did. Yeah.

Jennifer: You would think that a mother would be able to relate to what’s going on there.

Jonathan: You sure would.

Jennifer: I had to get my phone fixed that day, so I went to the back of the line as well. We got pretty cold, but I did eventually get my phone fixed and we went home and everything was fine.

Ayla: I was in a situation once again at a Nike store in Maine, and I was with my baby and my husband and we were the next people. Like they cut us off right before because it was during the holiday season, right? We waited outside for 20 minutes while the security guard literally looked at us the entire time. He could have let just us three in there. He didn’t.

Jonathan: I’m sorry.

Ayla: He made us wait the entire time. And a part of me was thinking, like you, Jennifer, why can’t they let me in? I’m obviously with a child here. But a part of me knew this is only fair. And this is how life works.

Jonathan: Babies are more important. It’s a fact.

Ayla: Yeah, of course they are

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