Country Mornings with Jonathan & Ayla

Country Mornings with Jonathan & Ayla

Country Mornings with Jonathan & Ayla

Blake ran the Boston Marathon and his wife made him promise not to get a kiss from the Wellsley girls. But his boys were all amped up and went for it and talked him into kissing one of the girls along the route. Now Blake’s wife is so pissed off that she threw him out of the house. Is she over reacting to an innocent tradition, or is he wrong for breaking his promise? Did Blake’s Marathon tradition destroy his marriage?

Ayla Brown: Good morning to Blake. And can I just say, Blake, congratulations. You just ran the Boston Marathon. I’m so proud of you.

Thank you. Thank you kindly. I appreciate that.

Ayla Brown: But I also hear that there was drama along the route.. So what happened? Fill me in. Fill all the listeners in.

Blake: As you just mentioned, I ran a marathon 26 miles and change. You know, it was great. It was my fourth one. Awesome. One of the things that happens in the Boston Marathon around Heartbreak Hill is, you know, random girls kiss guys, girls, whoever’s running the marathon for good luck for support, you know, just to give you water on the side of it.

Ayla Brown: So I’ll give you water. Some people give you kisses.

Blake: It’s part of the festivities of the moment. Okay. And, I did have a conversation with my wife and we spoke about it prior to and I did promise her that I wasn’t going to participate, you know.

Ayla Brown: Right. Okay.

Blake: As we’re approaching some of the guys are egging me on. I’m exhausted. I’m tired and getting caught up in the moment where I was there. And, you know, I did. I participated. All the guys are doing it and I got caught up on the boat as good luck you know that caught up in the bro moment and I just did it. Wasn’t done too serious, little peck.

Ayla Brown: What was it on the lips, though?

Blake: It was on the lips

Ayla Brown: Was there any tongue? Was there a beyond?

Blake: No, absolutely not.

Ayla Brown: Okay. No, no. tongue, you kissed, that’s it. So this was probably like a college girl potentially. And well, you don’t know anything about her, but it was a random person that you never met. And she’s like, Hey, handsome, come on over here and get a good luck kiss from me.

Blake: For good luck.

Ayla Brown: Well, let’s do it. So you did it. And let me guess, Your wife was not happy.

Blake: No, she wasn’t. And I told her the truth in the case. She asked me about it, and I told the truth. And she is hot about it

Ayla Brown: Really? Wouldn’t you be. You promised that you wouldn’t do that. And then you did it.

Blake: I respect that. You know, I respect that. So now she’s going next level with it. Oh, man. We’re in Armageddon right now. World War Three You know, she wanted me to go to my brother’s house, and now she wants to kiss another dude in order for me to come back to my own house.

Ayla Brown: She wants to kiss a random stranger, a random dude for you to come back to the house. So you’re sleeping at your brother’s currently, like, still right now until she gets to kiss somebody.

Blake: I’m. Yes. Wow. Yes.

Ayla Brown: What an interesting ultimatum. Okay, it. What should our guy Blake do? Should he let his wife kiss another stranger just to make it even? Just to get back at him just so Blake can get back into his own house, or is that absolutely insane?

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    Country Mornings with Jonathan & Ayla

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