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I Am Horrified That My Wife Is Taking Our 9 Year Old Daughter Bra Shopping

Jayson’s nine year old daughter has some friends who are developing early and she is jealous. So his wife is taking her bra shopping to get her first bra, even though she doesn’t need one yet. Jayson is horrified and feels like his wife is stealing his baby girl’s innocence. Do you think Jayson is overreacting to his daughter growing up? Or do you agree that his wife shouldn’t be getting their daughter a bra just because all of the other girls are doing it?

Check Out Jayson’s Bra Shopping Nightmare:

Jonathan: Its Jonathan with Danielle Murr in for Ayla while she’s on maternity leave. We have Jayson on the phone with us. Hey, Jayson.

Jayson: Hey. What’s going on?

Danielle: Hey

Jonathan: So you have a little bit of a problem letting go. Your daughter is how old?

Jayson: She is the precious number nine.

Jonathan: She’s number nine. Nine years old. And you’re afraid of her growing up too soon. What’s going on?

Jayson: Yeah. You know, my wife, she needs to be stopped. Okay. I hope you guys can help me. She needs to be stopped. It’s just ridiculous. But my precious little girl, she’s nine years old, and there’s been talk of bra shopping, right? Can you believe it?

Jonathan: So, wait, your wife is taking her bra shopping?

Bra Shopping

at nine years old.

Jayson: And let me get very real with you and let you know the reason why. Apparently there are some, developing young women that my nine year old is hanging with. Okay. And she’s feeling a little left out.

Jonathan: Oh, so they’re getting bras and she’s not.

Danielle: I get that.

Jayson: I don’t. I’ll never get it. Okay.

Jonathan: That’s right.

Jayson: Again, my wife needs to be stopped. She’s so concerned. She says she has to get one too. No, no, no.

Jonathan: I mean, is it really an issue of loss of innocence or anything? You keep saying she’s my precious little girl. Just because she’s wearing a bra doesn’t mean she’s a woman.

Jayson: It’s just hard for me to believe she’s wearing a bra. It’s just, you know, you bring them home.

Jonathan: I hate to use this question because it’s a horrible question to ask. But she doesn’t need it, right? This is your point.

Jayson: She definitely doesn’t need it. That’s what you have to say?

Jonathan: Definitely.

Jayson: Yeah, she doesn’t. Okay, I see. Yes. This is crazy.

Jonathan: So she doesn’t need it. And yet your wife is getting her one anyway. Just because your daughter’s feeling insecure. Because she has friends that have bras.

Jayson: Would you believe it? No, I’m against it. I need you guys to help.

Jonathan: It’s all the hormones they’re putting in the milk these days, I think.

Danielle: I tell you, they’re getting younger and younger man. I think it’s a struggle.

Jonathan: If you have fried chicken. I think there’s estrogen in there too.

Danielle: That’s Jayson’s problem

Jonathan:. He has a nine year old daughter who has some friends that are, I must use the word budding, or developing. And she’s jealous. So Jason’s wife is like, okay, I’m gonna take her bra shopping. And Jayson’s against it. He doesn’t want her to go and thinks this is like pushing her into to adulthood or womanhood a little too early. She’s only nine. Is nine way too young for this? Jayson, thank you so much.

Jayson: Thank you, thank you.

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