Rut-roh! It’s not looking good for American Idol.

When FOX decided to part ways with Idol back in 2016, I’ll admit, I drew a tear. For myself, it had a been a big piece of my world since its start, but even more so when I was working for a pop station in Upstate, New York. See, when I had moved back home in 2007 it was because my Nana was pretty sick. In fact, we almost lost her a couple times right after my move. So, when I got my new job back then, I would call and check on her when I got in the studio. One day she started talking to me about American Idol and my instincts kicked in: “press record, Marissa.” I ended up playing a little bit of that conversation on the air and people fell in love with her, whether they watched the show or not. Nana’s Idol Picks even received National attention over the years. It’s something I’ll never ever forget.

When ABC decided to pick the show back up so quickly, I was excited yet also a little concerned that it was “too soon.” It turns out, I may have been right. I’ll freely admit, I haven’t watched it much. I’m not a huge fan of the judges chemistry, it seems forced even into the second season. It just leaves me feeling a little uncomfortable…which, might be why the ratings continue to drop week after week. Part of the appeal of the original was the honest and blunt feedback from not just Simon Cowell, but each of the judges, which we no longer seem to get.

Sunday, oddly enough the lowest rated episode in the series history between both networks, I watched. It was Disney night (they can get away with that these days since ABC is connected to the company.) I felt underwhelmed until Madison VanDenburgh hit the stage. She’s from my hometown (Cohoes, NY) so I feel a little biased stating that, but at the same time, every one else lacked the sparkle, lacked the feeling of excitement or the want to win. Maybe they all realize she’s going to win and are just going through the motions, who knows. But, it certainly doesn’t feel like the show we all once fell in love with.

The question is: why? Is it really just the judges? Is it the weird style of voting they’ve started? Are we all sick of seeing Ryan Seacrests face? Why is The Voice at the top of the ratings with American Idol, the original powerhouse singing competition show failing so hard? CelebrityInsider.Com says: “The producers and crew are already sending out their resumes,” snitched a source. “Even judge Katy Perry is ready to go back to focusing on her music career.”

What do you think?