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Are the Dixie Chicks finally ready to make nice?




Ryan Reynolds owns a gin called “Aviation Gin”. He made up a fake profile called “Champ Nightingale” and reviewed his own gin on Amazon. The next day he admitted to writing the fake review himself after being called out by his own mother, who commented on the review saying how much it sounds like her son.

Ryan Reynolds Tweeted Joke About His Gin Company

According to Comicbook.com, "Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds really, really loves his gin company, Aviation Gin. The actor has been involved with several hilarious, over-the-top marketing campaigns since purchasing Aviation Gin last year, but his latest might be the funniest one yet." The latest advertisement was written by Reynolds.


Granger Smith’s wife Amber made an emotional post about keeping their son River’s memory alive. Granger has resumed his tour because he says “music is healing” but Amber joined Granger for his Chicago show so that they could go see the giant T-Rex there, which she says he would love to have seen.


The Dixie Chicks are hinting at the possibility of releasing new music for the first time since 2006. They posted “Dixie Chicks…. Album… Coming…. Someday” online which is leading to people asking whether the album will be called “Someday” or if they simply aren’t sure when it will be released


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Thomas Rhett has  his 13th #1 song at Country Radio this week with “Look What God Gave Her”


Blake Shelton admits that its hard to see Adam Levine leaving “The Voice”. Even though Gwen Stefani is coming back to take over for Adam, he’s not sure how the show goes on without “the bromance” between him and Levine.


Martin Watts wanted to make his six year old son feel better about the scar he has after having open heart surgery so he got a tattoo on his chest to match his son’s scar.


Dad's tattoo matches son's life-saving heart surgery scar

A father's love landed him in the tattoo parlor, where he requested a 3.5-inch scar to be inked on his chest so that he could match his 6-year-old son's, who had life-saving heart surgery last month.


Vermont and Maine have banned single use plastic bags statewide. The ban goes into effect in 2020.


Maine, Vermont pass plastic bag bans on same day

Governors in Maine and Vermont on Monday signed bills into law that ban single-use plastic bags, making them the fourth and fifth states to pass such legislation. Maine Gov. Janet Mills (D) signed a measure that says "a retail establishment may not provide a single-use carry-out bag to a customer at the point of sale or otherwise make single-use carry-out bags available to customers."