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I have never had so many people reach out to me off of my Instagram Story asking “where was this? I have to go!” as this past weekend. My wife, my 2 kids, and I went to The Marshfield Holiday Light Show at the Marshfield Fairgrounds and it was GREAT.

From what I understand this is their first year doing the light show. In it you drive your car through tons of animated lights – some flashing in beat to the music – others depict scenes like Santa tossing toys into his sack, a frog jumping from it’s lily pad, over your car, and splashing into water, and tons more.

The entire trip through the Holiday Light Show took about 15 minutes and was well worth our half-hour drive to get there. My wife, kids, and I all agreed that this will be a new yearly tradition for us. If you need a jolt of holiday spirit check it out! All the info can be found RIGHT HERE. Enjoy!