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Meet Lauren King from Smithfield, Rhode Island

Listening to Lauren King’s graceful vocals glide over her smooth instrumentation will take you to a place far away… out to sea. You can almost feel the wind in her whispering rasp. You can practically touch the sun with the warmth her music brings.

This New England singer/songwriter has a need to connect, and she has been doing that through her music for most of her life. Lauren’s journey has lead her down the paths of folk, blues and acoustic country-tinged music. She creates as a way to reach out, and to be reached. The result is a unique and beautifully personal brand of music.


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Lauren shared her latest original, “The Boston Song,” and explains it’s a song about 2 people going down different roads then finally coming together to reunite. She has a great love for New England, which is evident is this song.


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From: Smithfield, Rhode Island

Current single:: The Boston Song, which will be coming out this summer! 

What led you to music: My sister and I would march around the living room, Sound of Music playing on TV. We’d be Maria all day long. When we started taking lessons, I became lucky enough to become close with the teachers who became my family. They really supported me and saw something I never really saw in myself. So I started writing my own music, and only when I felt inspired to write for the sake of making someone happier. I continued to progress, as well as the support from my hometown. And later, in 2017 I was actually fortunate enough to study music in Salzburg, Austria…just like Maria! At the end of the day, I’d like to believe that music is a part of all of us. Maybe that’s why we keep listening and never stop after we’re led to it! 

How old when you started: 9 years old 

Instruments played: Voice, Guitar, Cello, Piano, and Mandolin

How would you describe your sound: Singer-Songwriter and Folk Blues Country

Who inspires you: James Taylor, John Denver, The Band Perry 

Accolades: Plymouth’s “America’s Hometown” Thanksgiving Day Performer

Dream duet partner: Jimmy Buffett, Dolly Parton, or Brandi Carlile

All- time favorite country songs:Take Me Home, Country Roads by John Denver or A Pirate Looks at Forty by Jimmy Buffett

First country concert: Taylor Swift!

What songs do you like now on Country 102.5: The Bones by Marren Morris, More Hearts Than Mine by Ingrid Andress

If you weren’t a musician, what would you be doing: Emotionally Focused Therapist 

Most proud moment: Working with the elderly and those with special needs. Often I would come with my guitar to include a little music therapy. I had a friend I would visit three times a week, and the moment I would play “Look What You Made Me Do” by Taylor Swift, he would immediately perk up. One day, I brought my guitar and started to play some of his favorite songs. He would reach out his hand, touch the guitar and touch my hand. It became such an ordinary and simple thing, but now looking back, that is what holds my faith in music and keeps me writing. Seeing him and his family after so long is going to be my favorite post-quarantine reunion. 

Crazy thing that happened in your music career: It was at the very beginning of my time in music. My elementary school, St. Philip’s School, held a 50th anniversary and fundraiser at Twin River casino. The administration had asked me to perform a few songs; one example being “The House That Built Me” by Miranda Lambert. I was only in 8th grade at the time, and there turned out to be thousands of people in the audience. The performance went great and from the very beginning, my town has always been behind me and supporting me. It only makes me want to use music to support those I love in return. 

Another crazy time was being a performer for Plymouth’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. One of my close friends from Stonehill College mentioned that her dad was hoping to have me as a performer after hearing me sing with our chapel choir. I immediately took the opportunity, absolutely psyched. However, by the time fall came around, for some reason I had a lot of anxiety. My parents and I drove on a rainy (and pretty stormy), Friday thinking to ourselves: “Okay. I’ll do my job and then after we’ll come right back home.” But by the time I had arrived in Plymouth, the sense of history and pride filled me with such gratitude. And more importantly: I saw two of my really good friends with ready hugs. By the time the show came around, while I was playing an original, I looked out to the thousands of people and thought to myself: “Wow. people are going out of their way to be here and listen to this. How crazy is that?!” Being able to be a part of such an awesome production with good hearted people is something that makes me smile. I found it funny that there was so much anxiety the night before, and such happiness in that moment. 

Other things you like to do: Spend time with my two puppies: Thelma and Louise, reading (Musicophilia by Oliver Sacks is a hardcore favorite of mine), visit Beavertail Lighthouse

Fun facts: I can do some pretty good impressions, I like to ski, and popcorn with hot sauce is my favorite snack right now! 

Mantra: Always be a little kinder than necessary 


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