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What is your go-to snack for the big game?

Are you a pizza person for convenience sake? Maybe you can’t get enough of the sweets treats for the day? Chili, hot dogs, subs, wings… that all rank high as Super Bowl staples.

But what football foods are we, here in New England, consuming more above all others?

Here’s the breakdown by state, according to Google data from 2020 and shared with CBS Sports¬†

  1. MASSACHUSETTS – Chicken Wings! Crispy or slimy, spicy or tangy… We can’t get enough! And don’t forget the dip.
  2. NEW HAMPSHIRE- Chili Dogs! What? When did this happen? This was surprising to me, but who doesn’t love a dog encased in bread and smothered with chili.
  3. RHODE ISLAND- Cupcakes! Apparently Rhodies have a sweet tooth. I get that. I’ll be over after the game.
  4. MAINE- Deviled Eggs! Is Maine getting fancy on us? Protein for trudging through all the snow, perhaps?
  5. CONNECTICUT- Chicken Wings! Half the state roots for Boston teams, so it’s understandable.
  6. VERMONT- Chili! Well, it does get wicked cold up there. The spicier the better. And even though it’s not traditional, please include black beans.

Surprisingly, pizza didn’t make the cut! But if you want to check out what other states around the country are eating, like who’s eating jalepeno poppers, Swedish meatballs, pulled pork and sweet potato pie?¬† Take a look here, you’d be surprised!

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