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TAKOMA PARK, MD - MAY 10: A periodical cicada begins to molt from its nymph state on May 10, 2021 in Takoma Park, Maryland. Once soil temperatures reach about 64°F, billions and billions of periodical cicadas -- members of Brood X -- will emerge in fifteen states and the District of Columbia after living underground for 17 years to molt, mate and die within a matter of weeks. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)


Trillions of cicadas are about to rise up from the ground and swarm the eastern U.S.  So here’s a gross question:  Should we start EATING THEM?




Every 17 years, the cicada boom offers a huge boost to the food chain from the bottom up.  But in general, we don’t directly take part in the delicious cicada action.



But maybe we should, because a surprising number of people are up for it.



Someone polled 35,000 Americans, and one in four said they’d give cicada-based food a shot.  That includes 9% who are VERY willing to do it.



Another 13% said probably not, but maybe . . . 44% said no way . . . 15% weren’t sure . . . and one in 50 Americans have ALREADY eaten cicadas.



Men were 50% more likely than women to say they’d give it a try.  And young people were more likely to say yes than older people.


28% also said they’d be up for trying SOME sort of insect-based food.  And a third of us think insects as food will become a bigger trend in the next ten years. 



A Family Bakery Goes Vigilante! 


A family bakery was robbed last month, but rather than wait for the police to find the criminal they took matters into their own hands. They started making cookies with a picture of the crook on them, hoping that one of their customers might recognize him.  And guess what? IT WORKED! 


Almost immediately actually,  as the bakery’s Facebook post soon began generating tips from locals, the Journal Sentinel reported.  “He has been identified!” the bakery later wrote in an update posted to Facebook. “Thank you to everyone who responded.”


Sunday May 2nd, Come Take a Bite Out Of Crime at Canfora Bakery!The bakery was robbed of cash and equipment on Monday...

Posted by Canfora Bakery on Saturday, May 1, 2021



 Woman found a moist cigarette in her fast food

There’s a woman named Taura Helsel in Pensacola, Florida.  And she got some food from Taco Bell on Monday afternoon.



But when she got home and unwrapped her soft taco, she found a, quote, “slightly moist cigarette” sticking to the bottom of the shell.



She says, quote, “I don’t know if it was intentionally put there or if somebody had it on their ear and maybe . . . it fell in there.  But another thing I thought about was how did they not notice that cigarette in there?”



She took the taco and the cigarette back to the Taco Bell and she says the staff gave her a refund but they didn’t apologize.  So she posted a picture of the taco and cigarette on Facebook and it found its way to the local news.



They called Taco Bell, and someone from the corporate offices reached out to Taura and offered her a, quote, “better dining experience” if she took down the Facebook post.



She says she doesn’t want free food, she just wants people to be more careful.